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Hey Victor, Same Question 3 years later.... Hope all is good..... Anyone still going to Charger games / tailgating?
My New wifey got us tickets for the game on 12-09! Tom
Great to hear from you buddy! I am doing okay, but only go to a few games from here in San Diego. Your wife have a sister? She sounds like a keeper with the ticket deal! A couple of people that are from our old tailgate group still go to the games. Who do the Bolts play on the 9th of Dec? If I could afford to go, I just might make it for that one.
Pumpkin Bolt
Pumpkin Bolt
Good hear you are doing ok! .... No sister... sorry sir lol .... they play the bengals on the 9th

I will be at the game for the Queefs. I got invited, so I will get to this thing firsthand. I am sort of planning on walking around, most likely will join the guys with Bolt Pride at some kind of giant tailgate party in the silver lot. Let me know if you will be anywhere near this spot. I have your work phone number of 562-260-8656. Do you have a cell phone number? My number is 858-229-0835.


Do you have any info on how much they charge for parking? Also, are you hosting any kind of tailgate party and if so, which lot are you in?
ChargerRay.....I'd like to change my membership name from Drcharger back to my historical name of

Harryo the K

I probably will replace my current golden retreiver with helmet avatar to one of my older Charger player or coaches photos, if that is acceptable.

Thank you.
You got it. like Pittsburgh? Drcharger here....aka Harryo the K from the UT banned fir 'hate' till recent posts even poor...purged. Anyway, tell anyone over there if ya here as Drcharger and be mostly following my new Steelers. Thanks
Trumpie? Drcharger here...aka Harryo the banned rrom the UT site till 12-25-2017 For 'hate' recent posts were even close but WTF......
Tell anyone over there who might be a wonderin'...
Hey I know it's early but will the chargers stay healthy?? Let me here some of your guys thoughts!
Hey Trumpie, they have locked me out of the ut board. Let dean @ co. know I say Fawk off. Thanks in advance.
I am a fan of the SD Chargers. I'm also a fan of Game of Thrones, The Green Party, and eating things I'm allergic to.
Hey there,

So I screwed up when I signed up here, thinking that I was supposed to be enterting my full name when I was really selecting a forum handle. Concudan said you'd be the man to speak to about correcting that. Would it be possible to change my handle to "Kemp17." I would appreciate it. Sorry about the hassle.