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Zone Blocking 101

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Trumpet_Man, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Trumpet_Man

    Trumpet_Man Well-Known Member

    Feb 14, 2006
    Here is a good read I found on Zone Blocking schemes for you hardcore Bolt fans.


    Linemen are in a zone
    Jagodzinski shares secrets of Packers' new blocking scheme
    Posted: June 18, 2006

    Green Bay - The minute offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski joined the Green Bay Packers, the buzz started over his plan to have the offensive linemen employ zone blocking. It soon became clear that the Packers' linemen will have to be athletic in this scheme. The running backs will have more options but will have to be choosy.

    Jeff Jagodzinski, Green Bay's offensive coordinator, expects his linemen to be lean and quick in zone blocking.

    Any high school football player knows what zone blocking is. But with the final week of the June minicamp finally here, it seems like a good time to go back to Football 101 and review exactly what zone blocking is in order to understand why the Packers seem so genuinely excited to install it as a permanent part of their offense.

    While Jagodzinski was the offensive line coach last season for the Atlanta Falcons, he learned first-hand how to implement, teach and perfect zone blocking from Alex Gibbs, and he was willing to share some of those philosophies and rules in an interview with the Journal Sentinel.

    Broken down to absolute plain terms, an offensive lineman can be assigned a defensive player and block him man-to-man or he can block an area in zone blocking.

    Zone blocking's No. 1 priority is to prevent penetration and eliminate lost yardage.

    When offensive linemen take their typical positions - from left to right, tight end, left tackle, left guard, center, right guard, right tackle and tight end - the spaces beside them are defensive gaps.

    Keeping that line and the eight gaps in mind, there are three basic rules of zone blocking for the offensive lineman to follow: On, play side gap, second level (linebacker).............................(Con't)

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