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Thread_Killer said:
I've never been able to rep more than 5.
5 was the rule at the UT forums, but you can rep 6 per 24 hour period here. You might say it's one better than the UT forums ever had it. :icon_wink:

If you've given 1 rep in the last 24 hours, then you'd only have 5 left. Also, right now it's set so you have to rep 15 people before you can rep someone again. It was at 20 initially, but I lowered it to 15 some time ago. I know Carrie keeps a list of who she reps and when, so she always give the 6 at the same time.
Thread_Killer said:
To clarify, I mean both at the UT site and this one.

Thump, I challenge you to log in as me and rep more people than that.

I can't logon as you unless you gave me your password and I would perfer not to do that. Try not repping anyone for 24 hours, then try to give rep and you should be able to give 6.

I can show you the settings straight from the admin control panel though.