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What genre of music you love to listen?


Well-Known Member
I used to LOVE rap. Grew up in the 80's with all the GREAT rap groups, especially being so close to NYC the birthplace of hip-hop. It's changed to much for me now. Now it's more like top 40. But my preference is:

Jimmy Buffett

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I listen mostly to Christisn Rock and Praise and worship, but I do enjoy Instrumental jazz and older blues stuff...sometimes I get into longhair music but that comes and goes.

Fav. bands would be;

Third day, Switchfoot, Audio Adrenaline...groups like that.

Lightning's Girl

Mod Chick =)
Staff member
Since I like almost all kinds of music, it's a lot easier to list the stuff I can't stand: 'gangsta' rap, and the garbage my 18-year-old son listens to. He calls it "death metal". I call it "screaming obscenities until your throat feels like raw hamburger".:tdown:

If I had to name a favorite genre, though, it would be classic rock from the 1960s, '70s, and '80s.:yes: