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What can the Titans do vs. SD

On defense, I'm guessing they sell out to stop the run after watching the oakland game. Committ 9 players to the run, make the CBs match up man to man and hope that they can either clog the running lanes or get quick pressure on Rivers so he makes mistakes.

RESULT: Rivers becomes the key. You can't hide a QB in the NFL and the Titans will put the game on him. I think that means he has a coming out party in front of the home crowd. His quick slants burn the the blitz and he has the poise to stand in the pocket and deliver a deeper ball knowing he'll take a hit when he gets single coverage outside. Big night for Rivers next week.

On offense, I'm sure Norm Chow will come up with something better than those 7 step drops the dumb@ss raiders kept running over and over again even when they didn't work. I'd expect quick passes to start the game, hoping to slow down our rush and give their ground game a chance.

RESULT: We'll get an accurate look at how our secondary as improved. Last night the front 7 kept the secondary from even being tested by having Brooks running for his life. The short drops will get some completions and move the ball some. It also gives us more chances for turnovers. If we get some of those we shut down the Titans, if we don't they might put up some points and turn the game into a shootout.

The strategy change will be dramatic and give us two distinct gameplans to look over in our off week going into the tougher part of our schedule.


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Absolutely nothing.

Actually they should be able to put up a fight in the middle of the trenches on both sides of the ball, but that's about it. Other than their interior lines we can handle them. Their DBs struggle vs. polished receivers btw = $


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What to worry about w/Titans
1. Good LB corps and VandenBosh at DE (another good test for Olivea who did marvellously against Burress)
2. Drew Bennett and David Givens are not to be taken lightly
3. Kevin mawae has given Jamal Williams fits in hte past
4. Pac Man is a good returner


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They don't have Randy Moss, so we'll play them tighter on the line and take away some of the quick passes. The only reason Oakland threw them was because Jammer was spotting him 20 yards.


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leisure said:
Just heard on ESPN news that Fisher said COLLINS is his starter PERIOD!!!!!!!! :icon_banana: :icon_banana:
He better roll the pocket a bunch to avoid pressure. Still, that makes SD only defend 1/2 the field in depth.

Volek won't play. He'll be traded to SD after the game, IMO.