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watch this Chad Johnson post-game interview!

matilack said:
Is that real? Or is Chad acting again?

Chads not the smartest cookie anyway, he never finished college, he was in just enought classes to keep him eligible.
totally real...didnt u see that hit? he was taken out of the game after it. its just that hes such a baller that he doesnt want to make it seem like it affected him.

i have great respect for CJ.
He definitely had at least a concussion (no matter what they said)...anyone who comes into the ER acting like that gets a head ct and usually overnight admission...:icon_eek: I felt bad for the guy...that hit is painful to watch..Football can be brutal...:icon_eek:


Well-Known Member
say what you want about chad but i respect any player whose going to hang out and tailgate with fans like us before a playoff game. oh and id be a bit:icon_tease: if i took that hit too.