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Vote for LT and Rivers!!

My to no brainer votes went to:

Philip Rivers with one L in Philips name to include his 300+ yard effort.

LT for the 4 TD effort.

Everyone vote please Philip Rivers and LT will appreciate it.:tup:


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Cool, LT and Rivers are still ahead.

Rivers 56%
LT 42%
:icon_banana: :icon_banana:


Well-Known Member
Thats Right Rivers And L.t Fed Ex Air And Ground Players Of The Week What Other Team Does That Nobody Thats Right Now Its Time For Us To Take On Pocohonas And Chief Lil Pricks Oops I Done Did It Now


Well-Known Member
thats nice, when i voted lt was far behind, must not have been much west coast awareness at that time. i think i remember brees and lt winning it together last year? or 04? i know they both won more than a few just cant remember if they won together or not.