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Vikings coach Childress says Daunte like T.O.


Still Chargin
Staff member
'Everything became about being a $10 million-a-year quarterback,' he says

Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress is glad Daunte Culpepper is gone. “Quite frankly, I don’t think he wanted to be here anymore,” he said.

Updated: 6:06 p.m. ET March 20, 2006

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress says he saw a little of T.O. in Daunte Culpepper. That was enough for him.

“It just became a deal where I didn’t feel like it was the team, I felt like it was ’me,”’ Childress said Monday about Culpepper. “I went through a big ’me’ situation last year with a guy who was all about ’me.”’

While still the offensive coordinator at Philadelphia, Childress clashed with Terrell Owens during training camp, the precursor to the mercurial receiver’s high-profile exile from the Eagles.

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Wow! Just wow! to compair any player to TO is the worst thing that can be done in my book. Is this the way his team thought of him, did the Dolphins just sign a cancer? Anyone in the know on this?


Still Chargin
Staff member
Chargerpower said:
What's up with all these hurt and aging players wanting to get paid $10 million dollars a year? Ty Law, Culpepper, Brees...etc.

Hey man. Brees was the best of them, and if he gets 10 mill a year, more power too him.

Le the flaming begin *pulls up asbestos undies*


Well-Known Member
Last year, he had some probs, to say the least, but 04 saw him have oneuv the greatest seasons ever, even with Randy Moss doin a great TO impression!!

I think thats what the Phins are hopinta get!!:icon_mrgreen: