(Titans) Dropping the ball

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Still Chargin
Staff member
Mar 5, 2006
Titans' Volek cost himself starting quarterback job

Just four days before their eminently winnable opener against the visiting Jets, the Titans still don't know -- or aren't saying -- who their starting quarterback will be. If the recently acquired Kerry Collins gets the nod over presumed starter Billy Volek despite having less than two weeks of familiarity with Tennessee's offense, there's only one real reason for the 11th-hour move: Volek was doing more presuming than practicing, perfecting and performing.

Simply put, Volek was handed the No. 1 job once Steve McNair left for Baltimore, but he didn't seize the opportunity. Tennessee sources say Volek has consistently overestimated his grasp on the starting job, believing he was further along in his development than he actually is. And even more telling, Volek is said to have shown little inclination to put in the long hours of work necessary to hone his craft, even after the Titans made Texas star Vince Young the third overall pick in this year's draft.

That's where Volek might have been negatively influenced by McNair, whom Volek caddied for the past six years. McNair never was one to wear his coaches out with overpreparation and always had an air of "I've got it, it's under control'' about him. He was generally among the last Titans to show up in the morning and one of the first to leave. But while that easy-does-it style worked for McNair, the only Oilers/Titans quarterback to take his team to the Super Bowl, Volek didn't seem to realize he hadn't earned the right to that kind of laid-back approach.

Click the link for the full article.


Well-Known Member
May 31, 2006
Hmmm, and this is the guy everyone wants to come here and be our backup?????????


Well-Known Member
Feb 14, 2006
RipTheJacker said:
Hmmm, and this is the guy everyone wants to come here and be our backup?????????
I still want him. :yes:

This is just one dickheaded writer who may be bored or paid off to write a bad piece on the dude. Payback comes in all forms.


Well-Known Member
Jun 18, 2006
Ride The Lightning said:
I'm guessing we wait until next week to sign a vet qb. That way the contract is not guaranteed for the season.
If the player is on ANY team's roster on week one, then his contract is guaranteed - even if he is traded. If we acquired Volek (or any other vested veteran QB after he spent week one on a roster) then SD will be responsible for his salary if he is cut.

If SD signed a vested vet off the street - who was not on any roster during week one - then the contract is not guaranteed for the season.

I'm all for trading to acquire Volek. I think it won't go down until after week 2 when we play Tennessee. Best guess: Krause and a 6th rounder will get the deal done.