This store sounds terrifying.

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Lone Wolf
Apr 10, 2010
Well I grew up on a 50/50 split of Aldis (we call it) and Walmart Kmart Gerbes and a IGA. It's probably worse for me in that those 5-6 aisle stores with wide walkway space weren't the one I grew up with, it's more like 4 1/2 aisles. And enuff floor space for a pallet jack to maneuver. BUT that store is designed like a turnstile in that you don't have to run into on coming traffic as much as big stores. Not sure about other stores but I've seen at least 5 more pop up in other MO cities.

It's basically streamlined get in get out self checkout system with a employee to do the scanning.
Also will add Aldi are a perfect store for a stay at home mom (or dad) with kids that would be going with to Walmart anyway. Maybe even both.

Also will say the Aldi brands of food have caught up to the good brands. And ketchup is catsup. It's all got fructose and really is poison but why pay 3 times the price for the kraft brand?

Is your concern that a German grocery chain is on the verge of taking over 40-50% of all American consumers groceries?

It's not so bad China has been buying up Midwest farmland for their own harvests for years now.

I was unaware Aldi was German owned. It's weird seeing big Walmart squirm over a Lil old retro grocery chain.


Sep 7, 2008
I’ve seen one Aldi pop up in Otay off the 805. Actually sounds like an efficient system, I always carry extra bags in my car so I wouldn’t need to buy bags anyway. If they build one near me I’m going to try it out.