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The LeisureWorld Dirty Dozen Commandments


Well-Known Member
By popular request and future reference.

A person who lives in Leisureworld goes by the following commandments:

1.) It hath been deemed that All USC players will become NFL legends.
If they don't it's the NFL team's fault that they couldn't do anything with them. It's never the USC grad's fault that they can't motivate their own sorry, lazy butt.

2.) The PAC-10 hath been annoited the best college football conference.
Why? Because they have USC. That is all.

3.) A player's college football talent and production doth trump any and all character issues they mayeth have.
He pulled a gun, stole some stuff, or beat up his ex-girlfriend? Who cares! The guy can run like the wind, leap over a house, and catch using only his thumb! He's a first round pick! That's Leisureworld thinking.

4.) Thou must start talking about any and all college players starting their freshman year.
That way if they ever end up being an NFL success, you can claim you saw them first.

5.) Mel Kiper, Jr. is gawd. All knowing, all seeing, all ESPN.

It's the hair.

6.) AJ Smith doth get the evil eye -> :icon_evil: <- whenever his name doth be mentioned.
Why? He's not a people person. Plus, he's not willing to trade up to *reach* for a player from USC. In fact, AJ hasn't grabbed anyone from USC on the first day yet! Double madfaces! :icon_evil: :icon_evil:

7.) The man who is known hereforeth as Philip Rivers shall be deemed spawn of AJ Smith. The man who is known as Donnie Edwards shall be regarded as a beloved son of Leisure.
It's Rivers' fault that Drew is no longer here and Donnie Edwards is the best LB in the whole wide world.

8.) Trumpy and Shamrock doth be full of it and we mayeth cry because Forrest Overin yelled at us before he left. :icon_cry:
Finding out your Internet 'girlfriend' is really a 58-year old male mechanic can do that to your psyche.

9.) The man known as BFISA shall be regarded as a mad Texan, and an enemy of the dancing rainbow wig wearers.
Texans don't like Leisure. :crying:

10.) Good bubbles doth be highly prized to the Leisure acolyte.
The bigger the package, the less the slackage.

11.) Women shall be put into a Leisure acolyte's cyber harem, especially if they doth have face stubble, aged 50 years, and are really good at fixing cars.
Leisure acolytes have no real girlfriend, so they must go after cyber cooze.

12.) Smite down those who are non believers of the Leisure code, especially those who doth be rabbitkin and romanticize with red-lipped lasses.
Read: Whine and complain to the mods. If that doesn't work, there's always the trusty :icon_evil: :icon_evil: to put a hex on them.


Well-Known Member
It LIVES !!!!!!


This is a historic timeless masterpiece.

Bravo. :tup: :icon_banana: :nana_rasta: :nana_guitar: :icon_toast: :nana_rock: :icon_bow:


Well-Known Member
WonderSlug said:
Texans don't like Leisure.
I'd love leisure to visit Casa de Shamrock. I'd tie him to a fence post, spray cow urine on his back and let a bull "have" him.

Then he'd get the "tool" .......


Still Chargin
Staff member
Shamrock said:
I'd love leisure to visit Casa de Shamrock. I'd tie him to a fence post, spray cow urine on his back and let a bull "have" him.

Then he'd get the "tool" .......

Sooo why were you tellin me to come out to your ranch?



Well-Known Member
Shamrock said:
I'd love leisure to visit Casa de Shamrock. I'd tie him to a fence post, spray cow urine on his back and let a bull "have" him.

Then he'd get the "tool" .......
Then the coyote.:icon_evil:


Well-Known Member
Concudan said:
Why Jefe?

He can say whatever he wants whenever and where ever he wantsta say it...ain't gonna change ****!!

He's a (I kinda wanna mke sure I get it down here, so bear with me) whiney, snivelin, spineless, crap-eatin, bottom feedin, lower than whale-****, POS coward with no redeeming social value.

Other than that, I jes don't like the sorry scumbag.


Well-Known Member
A newly minted amendment to the LeisureWorld Constipation, er Constitution.

13. Thou shalt createth threads with locking potential
Post silly crap that causes Thumper to bring the hammerfoot down.