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The combined Marty angst thread.


Well-Known Member

If marty doesn't get fired, I may just drive down and kill the bastard myself. I could feel it. I could just feel it going into the half.

Who the **** flips a pass 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage on 3rd and 1, instead of just handing it to LoNeal.


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He called the correct game and his players just didn't execute it.

Even if we had made one of the 2 missed field goals we would be celebrating the victory.

Bad loss all the way around. Feels like the Eagles game all over. Best solution is to just purge this crap from my mind.


Carpe Diem et omni Mundio
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Who do you blame for the loss?

THere are some people who deserve blame

5. Defense front seven
NO SACKS minus one on a botched snap. Pressure's good but this front seven has not been as dominating as it was in Oakland
4. Kris Dielman
Had some good blocks but three costly late game penalties
3. Special Teams
Binn mucked up a punt snap, Scifres screwed up a hold, Kaeding missed one albeit from the wind
2. Penalties
We were getting penalties allover the place

There's is no way with his playcalling, his lack of ability to pass the ball or to push his lead ahead and continue to dominate can not be blamed. He is Art Shell with a better record!



Boltdiehard said:
We pissed down our legs plain and simple.

You realize that 35 yd pass to Heap was Holding, some of the bigest plays of the game were the NON CALLS!!!

EVERY SINGLE CALL WENT AGAINST US. That + the missed FG, and the Martyball lost us the game.



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I can't wait another year. I can't.

Crosby has to go. Now.

Philip was great in the first half....godammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marty's coaching style against the better teams puts so much pressure on his team to be perfect down the stretch.

Nobody's perfect and it bit us in the *** again.

I am sick and tired of watching this team go into a shell for an entire half of football.

Playing not to lose is for losers. That's why Marty's playoff record is what it is.



Should I call the lynch mob?? Im ready for Shotts resignation.

This has been happening for 2 years now, my bet is winning record or not Shott is gone after this season.

Ride The Lightning

Join the Dark Side, we have cookies.

Ok, all you guys saying Marty is not to blame, tell me why do you believe this? Make me understand your position, because as I'm sitting on my couch, watching our offense play after we hit 13-7, seeing the Ravens stumbling all over the place, it was about as imaginative as watching flies ****. We had them on the ropes, and we let up. WHY?!?!?!

Seriously. How can you believe it is all about players making mistakes and not about MOMENTUM and BALLS?

Boltdiehard said:
Gates 2006: MIA.
Gates is great. All the preseason hype about Rivers and Gates being tight and that would lead to even more TDs is BS. Rivers is a young QB and it takes time. BTW, Rivers played well today.

The problem is that we dont adapt. WHY NO TURNER in the 2nd half. Turner should have gotten like 20 carries and LT should have motioned into the slot.

Turner is the back u need in the 2nd Half for Marty Ball just like Pitt used the BUS.

fcukin BS. this team has no killer instinct. Its loaded with talent but no killer instinct.

Ride The Lightning

Join the Dark Side, we have cookies.

thejdog said:
99% of the posters on here blame Marty.

The 1% who do not are clueless.

Thankfully, this will be Martys last year in SD. I do not think we go deep into the playoffs, which is what it will take for MS to keep his job.

Marty will pull this **** again, guaranteed.
*If we make the playoffs.

I have 1000% faith in our players ability and absolutley 0% in our retarded head coach.