Announcement So now that the season is over... (upcoming changes)


Code Monkey
Staff member
Jun 29, 2009
Orange County, CA
This has been an interesting season of change for the Chargers organization and the fans. And with any change, some people are going to handle it well while others aren't going to handle it well.

This site has been pretty relaxed on monitoring or the derailing of threads because of this transition. But that's going to be coming to an end real soon here.

Tomorrow, Jan 1st 2018, I will be posted a new set of rules that we are going to be following. I will be reaching out to each moderator on an individual basis to see if they want to continue working as a moderator and really look at building that back to where it needs to be.

Again, I know change is hard for everyone, but at some point... we have to move past it. If you can't, I am sure you can find another forum to frequent.

Stay tuned...