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SDUT: Ailing defensive starters' status tenuous


Ailing defensive starters' status tenuous

By Kevin Acee
November 9, 2006

The number of Chargers defensive starters available for Sunday's game at Cincinnati remains tenuous.

Linebacker Shaun Phillips practiced yesterday for the first time since straining his calf Oct. 22 and appears ready to play, but his level of optimism is tempered. Free safety Marlon McCree is expected to play, but he didn't practice yesterday. Defensive end Luis Castillo did not practice either, and his swollen ankle is causing him to hobble pretty severely.

And this is a defense already down linebacker Shawne Merriman, who will sit out the second of four games because of his suspension for a positive steroids test.
I was very hopeful that Phillips would be back for this week, and it says he will, but he's still hurt.

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Roman Oben has been working at both right and left tackle and will be used as a reserve when he is activated next week.

This is a good sign.


This however, HAS GOT TO BE FIXED!!!

They have fallen to 29th in punt-return average allowed and 15th in kickoff returns.
:icon_evil: :icon_evil:


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I would sit Castillo because we will need him healthy against Denver.

Cinci is imploding and will get run on by T-N-T.

No need to push dancing bear .....
"Dancing Bear" is a great name for Castillo.... :lol:

I'd sit him, also, and get him ready for the donks.

as far as ST on punt returns.... that was scifres claim to fame.... the lack of punt returns. I think that maybe we need to have him try to bring back the kicking out of bounds on punts. At least use the sidelines to hem the runner in. When did they go away from that old "coffin corner" kick? I thought that was a very effective way to limit returns.
I was thinking about the whole punt return coverage issue and something occured to me...

I don't know what our average starting field position is game by game, but it seems to me that in the last couple weeks we've had several more 3 and outs and consistantly poor field position. Is it possible that our average punt return against has spiked in the last couple weeks because instead of puntin' mostly from the 40-50 yard line area we've had to punt more from our own 15-30 yard lines? I mean I imagine it's got to be a hell of a lot easier to cover a 40-45 yard punt than to cover the 66 yarder Scifres belted off on Sunday. This doesn't excuse the coverage guys, but it lets Scifres off the hook a little bit. And what's our average punt return against if you subtract the 81 yarder from last week?
it was freakin amazing, but now its fairly decent...we were looking at 59 punt return yards off of #5 with an average return at 2.1 yrds per carry, but after the 81 yrd return we are now looking at 140 total return yards and a 12.7 average. it used to be a 2.1 yrd avg, that 81 yarder really hurt.

most teams have more yards given up than 140 yrds, but due to the lack of punts scifers has had to kick, they have better averages. take the philly punter for example, 13 more kicks than scifers...better average. they have 160 total punt return yards against them with the average being 6.1

its just that 81 yard return boosted up the average so much because of how few kicks scifers has had...but i think 59 punt return yards before that run is amazing for our special teams.