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LT teh ghost

Well-Known Member

Earlier this week, we reported that some members of the Chargers' organization were "livid" about the team's decision to trade third-string quarterback Cleo Lemon to the Dolphins.

As it turns out, a pretty key member of the operation didn't like it.

The head coach.

According to Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com, Marty Schottenheimer didn't know about the trade until it happened.

To make matters worse, Schottenheimer told the team that he had no idea the trade was coming -- and that he wasn't happy about the decision.

This development doesn't bode well for the relationship between Schottenheimer and G.M. A.J. "Smiling is for Pussies . . . and Homos" Smith. Nor should it.

Really, why in the hell would Smith send a guy packing without at least giving the coach a head's up? Whatever the excuse, the G.M. failed to give the head coach basic respect.

And that's not good. It's a sign of a power struggle in the organization, and it surely will cause the players and staff to push their loyalties in one direction or the other.

Of course, Schottenheimer didn't make things any better by undermining Smith in front of the team.

From what we've heard, the Lemon trade has its roots in a tug-o-war between Smith and Schottenheimer regarding former backup Doug Flutie and Lemon. Flutie was Smith's guy, and Lemon was Schottenheimer's guy. The team kept four quarterbacks a year ago primarily because the head coach wanted to keep Lemon around.

So the decision of Smith to ship to South Florida without telling Schottenheimer is even more of a slap in the head coach's face than it might appear at first glance.

The other problem here is that, if Smith is willing to trade Lemon behind Schottenheimer's back, the coach and the team now likely will waste mental and emotional energy worrying about what else Smith is doing.

Marty was on thin ice before last year's sudden resurgence, and he was the coach before Smith inherited the G.M. gig when John Butler died. Our guess, then, is that Smith's next goal is to hire his own head coach.

To get there, however, the one who's already there needs to clear out. And Smith's ability to move Lemon without Schottenheimer's knowledge or input suggests that A.J. is in position to make it happen, if/when he chooses to do so.
Wow, this is news. I really hope there is no power struggle in the front office. The last time this happened, was when Bobby Ross and Bobby Beathard got in to it and we all know how we went down hill from there.


LT teh ghost

Well-Known Member
From the Dolphin side i am glad this trade took place.....but looking at it just puzzles me why SD made it...I don't see what AJ gives you that lemon didn't.....
LT teh ghost said:
From the Dolphin side i am glad this trade took place.....but looking at it just puzzles me why SD made it...I don't see what AJ gives you that lemon didn't.....
Man I don't get it either. Lemon can play in this league if given the chance. Feely looks like a career backup. But I guess that the Chargers wanted the 6th round pick and will probably release Feely at the end of the season.