San Diego Fleet Tweets

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Harryo the K

Well-Known Member
Aug 26, 2017
Great pics.....thanks...wish I could of made it. Hope they allow some player involvement with fans at the games ....before or after. The Fleet in months of time has more rapport with SD fans than the last ten years of the S crowd.


Oct 2, 2011
Wherever these Valkyries drop me...
Okay...that's pretty silly.

But I must say, as I looked at the 8 helmets, I couldn't help but think about the original 8 AFL helmets from 1960.
AFL helmets.jpg

And reflect on how incredibly different the existence of the internet makes, re. the visibility of both leagues,
and how much more easily the AAF can connect with potential fans, compared to 57.5 years ago.

And, I think the graphic below--of the locations of the inaugural 8 cities--really brings home that these teams are not in the normal
northeast big media cities (NY, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, etc.)...which really makes the internet important, re. their potential success...

AAF City Locations 2018.jpg


Don't like it, lump it!!!
Jul 11, 2006
How cool, I like what I'm seeing so far the fun of football may soon be back for me.
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