San Diego Chargers video thread


Feb 1, 2015
I was going to skip forward to the second half but instead decided I should watch it from the start.

Glad I did. What a 1st quarter it was. 24 zip.

Chargers 90 yds Miami -7

I thought this game was a nail biter. I guess I got 3 more quarters to find out.

The real funny thing is the size of the players. Wes Chandler was listed at '5 "11 and 185 lbs. :( ) He sure could jump though. High pointed a pass over the middle over the defender.

If work stays slow I might get the second quarter watched. That and I have to let my phone recharge after 30 minutes of the vid.
By the end of the game, the first-quarter seemed ancient. It was pretty much nonstop action from beginning to end. The first half has a hell of a finish. It was one of those this-only-happens-to-the-Chargers plays.
Wes Chandler would likely be in the Hall of Fame if he had spent his prime with a team that didn't already have two even better Hall of Fame receivers to share the ball with. He was better than most of the receivers who actually made the Hall. I think the same could be said for James Brooks and Chuck Muncie at running back and pretty much every one of our offensive linemen. I guess the NFL couldn't justify putting 15 offensive teammates into the Hall of Fame when said small-market teammates never even made a Super Bowl.
I mean, they put Fred Dean in the Hall, and he was like the 16th best player on our team.
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