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Sammy Davis

I think ChargerRay is going to put this story up but I just read it and wanted to comment.

What a relief it is Sammy has finally started stepping it up! I was almost ready to write him off as a Charger version of Jamar Fletcher. I thought we'd have to ship him to Miami to reaquire David Boston!
:shock: :shock:

But I don't think it was all accidental that Davis started responding after getting some solid coaching, and this from Albert Lewis, the assistant DB coach. Brian Stewart is their DB coach and he has not impressed me one bit. I think he needs to go and someone like Lewis needs to be the main guy back there. It is extra critical with many of the DBs being very young. They need solid coaching at this point if they are going to have successful careers.
Davis finds his groove

Here is the article you're referring too.


By Kevin Acee

November 3, 2005

Sammy Davis is not into self-promotion nor prone to explanation.

Somewhat grudgingly, he acknowledged yesterday that he has in these past three weeks played the cornerback position the way many thought was beyond his ability.

"I've been able to make some plays," Davis said with a shrug.

Others were happy to speak where Davis was reluctant.

"In the last couple weeks he's been on top of his game," Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith said. "He's been the old Sammy."

Making his third straight start in place of the injured Drayton Florence last Sunday against Kansas City, Davis was solid in coverage and made a career-high 11 tackles.

"It was his best performance since he's been here," said linebacker Donnie Edwards, who also had 11 tackles.

Florence, who shared starting duties with Davis in 2004 and replaced him this past training camp, had been having a mostly solid season until spraining his ankle. But the secondary has actually had its best three games in his absence.

Florence returned to practice yesterday, albeit with a still-bothersome ankle, and Davis continued to work with the first team.

Davis, the Chargers' first-round pick in 2003, is bigger in addition to better, having gained about 10 pounds since last season and even putting on weight since the start of this season. He is also something else – something a little surprising.

He is meaner.

"The biggest difference I see in Sammy is he's actually coming up and hitting people," fellow cornerback Quentin Jammer said. "You didn't get to see the physical side of Sammy normally. This is the new side of Sammy. I think he's fed up with everything people say about him. He wants to step up and show people he can play."

Davis said he has renewed confidence, attributable in part to his working with assistant secondary coach Albert Lewis "on a lot of technique stuff I was doing wrong" in 2004.

"Last year, it wasn't a season I'd be bragging about," he said. "I didn't play well. I had to come back from that this year. I'm getting the chance to go out and compete. You can always give up, tuck your tail and run or be a man and compete."


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
I'm still not sold on Davis and tink that Florence or Fletcher should start in front of him.

Yes, he did make 11 tackles, but all that says is that the receiver he was covering, caught the ball 11 times! Davis did not defend the ball once. Meaning that he did not break up the pass.

All of our corners have a combined 1 int this season. That's not getting the job done. I want to see the CB's between the receiver and the ball. Like I heard on the radio, we have the best tackling CB's in the league.

If Davis doesn't get at least 2 or 3 picks this year, we need to dump the guy.
Let's not knock Sammy out of here just yet. Just cuz it takes a player a couple years to get it going, doesn't make him worthless to the team. I notice he is hitting a lot harder and being more active in general. He's finally put on some weight and looks like he belongs out there.

I'm going to post on Quentin Jammer soon but I wouldn't be surprised to see him gone and so Sammy is shaping up as a future starter for this team. I still would like to see the team get better DB coaching. It has been lacking to this point.


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Sammy Davis looked good as a Rookie and started at CB right away. But he has regressed. I know he can hit, but all of our CB's can hit. I want to see him break up passes and be in position to knock balls down or intercept them. Davis also has a tendency to get beat deep whn he's covering man 2 man. Example, Tim Dwight burned him on a streak pattern for a TD earlier this year in NE.

I hope your right Daniel, I'd like to see him become a good CB in this league.