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Mar 13, 2006
Today's practice seemed to lag a bit , I saw a lot more players holding on to their shorts as they bent over while grasping for air. The CB got beat on deep routs and lacked the normal burst to catch up to the balls that sometimes seem to hang.

Cromartie got beat on several long balls as he tried to guess the route and failed , slowing down his stride and taking the short choppy steps in anticipation of the wr breaking in or out of the route. WR Malcom Floyd fooled him one time faking the second out move then setting sail to the end zone leaving Cromartie for behind.

Cromartie wasn't the only CB to struggle on deep routes at different times both Florence and Jammer felt the same sting. It did not help the DB that today once again featured not only the 8 on 8 but 5 on 5 as well as 11 on 11 pass drills in addition to punt and kick off drill which involve the DB heavily.
This was Florence's worse practice until today he has been unbelievable.

Jue saw action again today , he moved well Jerrell Pippens made a nice int and was in on several pass defense plays in the drills.

On the kick off drill Nate Kaeding slightly out kicked 6th round choice Kurt Smith both kicked all three of their balls inside the 7yd ( low vantage point ) Kaeding had better hang time however.

I mention the kicking battle as it's out come will also determine another players fate. I had the good fortune to meet JoelBolt this sites web master today and I must say he was a great host at Charger Park , we chatted for a few minutes as he took time from the 1001 thing that Mr Spanos pays him to do to make me feel welcome. Joel also informed me that I would no longer need to gaze upon the field searching for WR Woods as the Bolts cut him today.

I shared with Joel my disappointment that Mr Woods clearly failed to appreiciate to great opportunity that he had here and failed to take advantage of the great athletic skill set that God gave him.

On the flip side perhaps a hard working young WR chances of realizing his life long dream of playing in the N.F.L. just got better.

I ended my conversation with Joel thanking him for this great place we all have here that the Chargers organization provides for us to post our thought on our team , I also explained how I forgave him Shamrock ......:D

He looked at me a bit puzzled and hurried off.

The opening 11 on 11 was a pass play with Rivers under center and a key match up LOT Leander Jordan vs Shaun Phillips, this was exactly the match up I was looking for Jordan struggled last season vs speed rushers and while Igor his normal dance partner is having a great camp Igor is a bash er not a speed guy.

Phillips faked outside swooped inside and ran right by the red jersey of Rivers.
Houston we may have a problem.

WR Bryant who had a great session yesterday hurt himself with a couple of drops today.

QB Whitehurst looked very good again today ,he has a real touch on the long ball ,the Chargers may have found a steal in the third round of the draft , his play has been outstanding , great footwork ,arm strength and touch.

McCardell has discovered the fountain of youth , he clearly has some secret potion as he simply runs great routes and never look tired and that is from a WR who is going on 103 yrs old.

Vincent Jackson had a decent day but he dropped a couple he should have made , short low ball seem to create a bit of a problem for him , I guess it is hard to stop and lung back when your 6'6" and weigh 245lbs , did I mention he looks awesome.

Send note to River's no more short balls to Jackson.

OT Lekkerkerker struggled in pass protection today he will need to step up his game if he wants to start, on the flip side OC Nick Mihlhauser looked good today getting a lot of push inside on several run plays in the 11 on 11 drill. The OL pushed the DL off the ball for the most part today , could be the legs getting tired.

Thats it I may be around for one more take before it is back to the east coast for me.


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Feb 14, 2006
Chargers | Harris misses practice
Wed, 2 Aug 2006 14:08:22 -0700

San Diego Chargers LB Marques Harris (hamstring) missed practice Tuesday, Aug. 1, according to Jay Paris of NCTimes.com.


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Jun 20, 2005
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Thanks Rmancil for the TC reports. They were very helpful on last night's podcast. How has River's look throwing the ball deep? Is e hitting the receivers in stride or are they having to wait for the ball?
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