Rank them: Top 10 QBs in the NFL


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Jan 19, 2006
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I'm bored, CBS is doing this so I decided to pick up a pen (figuratively) and try it out. I'll run other positions but for now, we start at QB

1. Tom Brady
He's the man with the rings
2. Peyton Manning
Never won the ring but he's the most prolific QB in the game
3. Ben Rothlisberger
His brains are scrambled but not his talent
4. Donovan McNabb
Took the Eagles to championship games without much talent on the offense
5. Jake Delhommne
Throws long and short balls beautifully and makes few mistakes
6. Matt Hasselbeck
Shook off old stereotype by leading the Hawks into the Super Bowl
7. Byron Leftwich
He needs to fight that injury bug
8. Michael Vick
The greatest show on turf......until Matt Schaub starts
9. Trent Green
Never got much attention but he's as good as they come with little WR support
10. Brett Favre
He's a legend but last year was scrambled

Just Missed: Drew Brees (depends heavily on this upcoming year)
On the way up: Eli Manning (I hate the douche bag but he's as talented as his brother)
On the way down: Jake Plummer (Did better but Jay Cutler wasn't brought in for nothing)
Not sure where he stands: Daunte Culpepper, Chris Simms (One was hampered by injuries the other did a solid job, what will they do next year)

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Jun 20, 2005
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Good ranking. I agree with most of them, however, I would rank Farve as high as #3. Even though he's the senior citizen of the bunch, he would still do better than QB's such as Leftwich, Delhommne, Hasseback, etc if he had the same talent around him.


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Mar 13, 2006
BayAreaCharger said:
Philip Rivers will be on next years list. :tup:

ahhh ye of lil faith...

Rivers is #1 on this list and any list to come forth in the future. ya people just gotta start believin!! :icon_razz:


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Jan 19, 2006
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AthensPhilipRiversFan said:
ahhh ye of lil faith...

Rivers is #1 on this list and any list to come forth in the future. ya people just gotta start believin!! :icon_razz:

Sorry Teresa
He's gotta go out and show it first
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Jun 18, 2006
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Ben #3 ?

Dont think so. Just because his team won a SB doesnt make him a top 3 QB.

He had the least pass attempts in the NFL for starting QB's with only 268

He will be a star in time but he isnt one yet.


Mar 21, 2006
Here's my shot at the list, I'll leave Rivers off till next season.
1. Brady
2. P. Manning
3. C. Palmer
4. Delhomme
5. Roethlisburger
6. Hasselbeck
7. Green
8. Plummer
9. Brees
10. Culpepper

I think Vick is utter garbage, Brees and Culpepper are only on there based on them being healthy after surgery. Favre is done for...sorry Ray, not even top ten from me. My favorite on this list is Carson Palmer, Rivers and Palmer are the future of Hall of Fame QB's IMO.


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Mar 17, 2006
1. Leaf
2. Marinovich

ooops wrong list...

1. Brady - Maybe not in talent, but the guy has the nerves to play this position late into January every year.
2. P. Manning - Hurts to put an a-hole Manning on the list but the guy commands an offense better than any player I've seen, including people like Bradshaw, Fouts, Young, and Elway.
3. Green - This guy has been underated for his entire career (Which is almost over), but considering how crappy his receiving core has been for the last 5+ years, this guy continues to excel and throw great passes.
4. Farve - See "Gunslinger" in the dictionary. As bad as he has looked for the last couple of years, this guy still has a gun and plays the position like a linebacker. His talent has dropped, his team is just plain horrible, but he is still a solid QB.
5. Palmer - The guy has gotten over his USC\Heisman shadow and turned into a very solid QB. If the Steelers hadnt jacked him up, we might be looking at a whole different set of guys with Superbowl rings on.
6. Rothlisberger - This guy is huge, but he plays the position as a thinking man, not a brawler (See Farve). He has a powerhouse arm but he rarely uses it, relying more on touch. This guy is not asked to win games for the steelers often, but when he has been, he's come through. This year will be huge for his ranking, can he excel without the powerhouse running game he had, and did his accident effect his nerves?
7. Brees - Doesnt have the physical talent to be in the top 10. But that hasnt stopped him from willing his place into it. The guy is basically Rudy as a QB. Undersized, undertalented, doesnt always make the right decision, but the guy just wills himself to play above his level and pulls it off a good 85% of the time.
8. Delhomme - I see this guy as Stan Humphries a decade later. He is a tough nosed redneck QB who throws a good deep ball, and doesnt make many mistakes.
9. McNair - Another guy like Farve who is on the decline but the guy can still throw the ball. He doesnt make many mistakes, can still tuck the ball and run over people for a few yards. Has been hamstrung by injuries and a fairly pathetic line and receiving corps for the past couple of years, but still solid.
10. McNabb - This guy can make just about every throw in the book, he can run, he can do just about everything. But why can't he win in January\February. He seems to lack the killer instinct to put good teams away. Still fantastically talented, he just needs to become a tougher person.

Very Talented (Should be on the list buy next year) - Rivers, E. Manning.

Talented but issues - Warner (Injury prone and the wife), Culpepper (Head issues, and the boat), Kitna (Inferiority complex), Simms (doesnt always make the best decisions)

Talented but maybe at another postion - Vick (Fast, Good Arm, Good Instincts, Bad choices) Grossman (Should be a field medic in the army cause this guy is always injured in the field)

Journeyman - Hasselback, Leftwich, Carr (guy just has to hurt from being sacked so much)

On the way out - Brooks, Harrington, Collins, Fiedler