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Oct 10, 2006
Well Its Time To Vote For Your Favorite Players Who Will Be Sent To Hawaii For The Pro-bowl .i Do Believe Every Time You Fill A Form Out You Get Another Entry To Recieve A Trip To Hawaii Yourself ,without That Being Said I've Been Sitting Here For The Last Hour Filling Out These Pro Bowl Forms Im Alowwed To Fill Out 25 Today So Thats What Im Doing Every Charger On There Has My Vote It Would Be Great To See Them All On There I Actually Thought Cromartie Would Be On The Ballot To But Hasnt Been ,sory A.c You Woul Have Had My Vote Anyways Get Your Butts On There Andf Fill Out As Many As You Can ,if I Can Fill Them Out Every Day Im Going To,later ,i Bleed Blue And Gold,mgold