Power Rankings


Oct 2, 2011
http://realsport101.com/nfl-power-r...big-week-12-sees-changes-across-the-rankings/ What does everyone make of this week's power rankings? Good to see us moving up a few places!
Unfortunately, my somewhat jaded comments on 11/24/15

(...90+ percent of the time, "power rankings" are merely a lazy print out
of team records (an 11-1 team being the "#1" ranked team, and a 0-12 team at #32)
with just a tiny bit of variance...the occasional 5-7 team might be 2 slots in front of a 6-6 team... :whistling:
In short: Great concept. But in reality: Rarely little more than the teams' known records)

about how excruciatingly lazy these things tend to be, is born out once again...
not a single thing about the top dozen teams suggests a hint of thoughtful insight whatsoever:
Not even one tiny deviance beyond just listing records...
if you really are only "what your record says you are" then "Power Rankings" are 100% pointless...

1. Carolina Panthers (11-0)
2. New England Patriots (10-1)
3. Cincinnati Bengals (9-2)
4. Arizona Cardinals (9-2)
5. Denver Broncos (9-2)
6. Minnesota Vikings (8-3)
7. Green Bay Packers (7-4)
8. Kansas City Chiefs (6-5)
9. Seattle Seahawks (6-5)
10. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5)
11. New York Jets (6-5)
12. Indianapolis Colts (6-5)