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Poll: The Foley Incident

Why was Foley Shot?

  • He was Drunk, out of control, and a menace to everybody.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • AJ needed to cut another player to make the "52" man roster.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
Wheres the option of the one where :

Dude in mazda rolls up besides your wheels at 3am and throws a peace sign to your girlfriend but then starts licking in between his fingers, Foley realizes that is not a peace sign :icon_eek: but lets it go...at the next light dude does it again, Foley frustraited gets out and switches seats w/his girl and lets it go again:icon_shrug: .....they roll up to the next light, now dude in mazda makes a fist, presses it against his right cheak while making a buldge on his left cheak.....Foley being drunk gets out of the car :yes: reaches into his pants w/intent of whipping out something that im sure can be classified as a lethal weapon, aproaches the man in the mazda, his gf :icon_evil: upset at the site of her man ditching her, turns the car around w/the intent on ramming it in to the both of them, dude in madza decides to whip his out and spray the whole scene and down goes Foley

wheres that option ????
i want to vote for that one:icon_banana: