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I didnt like to see that Rivers has turned the ball over 3 times in our first minuet of possesion the last 2 games. But im not im complete panic mode yet.
Watching the replay of last nights game it looked like he was trying so hard to read the D that he forgot his own snap count, the second time it looked like, a a serious case of stone hands.
The INT to Urlacher in game two was just a great play by a fantastic linebacker, but it seemed like Rivers had his reciever made up before he even snapped the ball.

I guess my question to u guys is...Will Rivers become one of those QBs who has so much confidence and excitement at the beginning of a game, that he allows his gitters to blow the game early.
Because if last night were regular season, we would have gotten our asses handed to us.:icon_huh:

p.s. Osgood is a horrible reciever, keep him on special teams, he was doin a terrible job getting open.


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Jan 19, 2006
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I think yesterday you FINALLY saw something rattle and scare Rivers. Those two fumbles were completely on his hands and from there he didn't really want to throw the ball, he was very indecisive. I don't think it was nerves so much as it was just something in his mind driving him crazy. Against the Bears his INT he forgot about it quick enouh to keepplaying well, but fumbling handoffs and snaps are something that doesn't change regardless of hte level your in, as such it obviously bugged the crap out of him. I think he'll be fine I think its good he's getting all this crap out of his system now. And I think its great he's learning to handle two of the best defenses in the NFL because he'll need to remember that against Blitzburg, the Donkeys and the Hawks again