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Phillip Rivers

Looked pretty good his first game. Looks like the Chargers are in a good spot. they have 2 solid QB's. I wonder how long it will take them to throw out there to see who bites on getting a number #1 pick for Brees. Its not wise to sit a number #1 rd QB drafted and pay him all that money. They could free up some space and get a good pick if they draft pick. I wonder if the Bears make an offer. I'm sure if there QB's don't pan out they might make an offer.


FU Spanos and Dundon
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He did look pretty good considering that he was playing with the 2nd team offense. I want to see how he does with LT and Gates on the field. I would like to see what Brees can do this season before we consider offloading himt o another team. Now if someone offered up 2 1st round picks for Brees, I don't think that AJ will hesitate moving him and promoting Rivers.


I don't why.....but I feel Brees is gonna get injured in the last game of the season against the broncos and end up getting traded to the Saints. Don't worry though.......2006 will be a great year for the most part.


Pr is not looking like himself this year. The 2nd career leader in passer rating has not been throwing nearly as efficiently as he has the past three seasons and already has 6 picks this season. What do you guys think is wrong with him making him play this mistake prone turnover prone football? Do guys think its the lockout? His 6 kids? What? I was thinking this would be an mvp type year after last year without jackson, floyd and gates much of the year and getting a healthy receiver corps and a healthy matthews. Hope his play improves or we might have a tough time against tom brady in the postseason.

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It seems like Philip & Eli have undergone some kind of “Freaky Friday” style metamorphosis, because now Philip is on pace for 36 picks, and it’s Eli who is taking care of the ball, and no longer sabotaging his team.

With that said, I’m real glad we got the win but if Philip keeps stinking it up in the 1st half of every game, then benching him for a series or two should definitely be considered!

Buck Melanoma

Perhaps the strike-shortened training camp affected us a bit more than was let on to the public?

Just a thought. :rolleyes:

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Betrayed Bolt Supporter
Perhaps the strike-shortened training camp affected us a bit more than was let on to the public?

Just a thought. :rolleyes:
I doubt it, Philip looked real sharp in the preseason and our offense was just humming when the starters all played – something physical may have happened to him either in the final preseason game, one in of the practices or perhaps, in the game against Minnesota.