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Philip Rivers - Immediate Upgrade or Long Term Project?

How long will it take for Rivers to make a serious impact?

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Ok, Philip Rivers is the heir apparent to lead the Chargers to SB victory and boundless success. The question is how soon. Will he make an immediate impact, or will it take some time.
PhilipRivers#1 said:
Give him about 4 games and then....:icon_banana:
I've seen all the film on PR and really do think he has what it takes to be a big time NFL QB. I expect some mistakes during the season, but shuld continue to show improvement. Even while he's still learning I think we'll see some flashes of greatness. My biggest worry is game one against the Faiders. It's been a long time in coming for him to be the undesputed starter, then going on MNF against the Faiders, I hope he doesn't get so amped up, that he makes mistakes. I think he'll settle down by the 2nd quarter, then the PR show is on.


Well-Known Member
Honestly, I have no idea. With our current o-line it will be difficult to say the least so let's hope that quick release is as good as they say.
I don't think PR will dominate before mid season....Give him some time... I'm tossing around the third and the fourth option.... can't decide.


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Thumper said:
:icon_rofl: I'm not laughing because what you said might not be true. I'm laughing because for some reason I knew you were going to say it. :lol:
You cats are about to witness what I have been praying for and now the time has come for you to see what I have been preaching.

The difference is NIGHT and DAY when you see Rivers throw a ball compared to Brees. I mean black and white. Not even close and you are going to witness some carnage.

I remember in the first preseason I prayed they would stack the box on Rivers and they did and they BLED. Halleluyeah


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Yeah and you guys watched Tarzan as a kid and did not have these homophobic tendencies or did you ??? :icon_shrug:

The Birth of the "ONE" is here !!!