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Pete Rozelle's promise to congress

If this promise were kept, there would be no issue regarding the Chargers leaving San Diego. It wouldn't happen. To bad Pete Rozelle isn't still alive and/or commisioner.

Check out this old article by SD's own Jerry Magee from 2004 where he discussed the promise Rozelle to Congress in order to get the antitrust exemption necessary for the NFL-AFL merger.


Rozelle fought Oakland moving. What Rozelle fought against and promised congress wouldn't heppen, Tagliabue has embrased. I just hope our new commisioner is someone with more integrity than Tags. :icon_evil:
Here's another link regarding Rozelle's promise to congress.


Rozelle's Testimony Being Violated

The first point Rozelle made, quoting from the official text of the pro football merger, as put before the Anti-Trust Subcommittee of the 89th Congress, second session, dealt specifically with where the teams would play.
On page 37 of document S. 3817, serial No. 22, dated Oct. 6, 11 and 13, 1966, Rozelle submitted this testimony ...

"The plan for the expanded league is embodied in an agreement between member clubs of the two leagues which was entered into during the first week of June of this year. That agreement has been filed with counsel for this committee. I will outline for you its principal features:

"1. Every franchise of both leagues will remain in its present location.

"2. Two new franchises will be added by the 1968 season, making a total of 26 teams. (Editor’s Note: Cincinnati and New Orleans joined.)
"3. Studies will then be made of the feasibility of adding two more franchises.
"4. A world championship game between the champions of the two present leagues will be established beginning in January, 1967.
"5. Following this championship game, a player selection system will be instituted by the combined leagues with priority of selection determined by the won-loss record of each during the 1966 season.
"6. Pre-season games will be played between the teams of the two present leagues beginning with the 1967 season.
"7. By 1970 there will be full integration of the combined league schedule with regular season games being played by the clubs of the two present leagues.
"8. During the period prior to 1970, each league will continue to operate under existing TV contracts. Beginning in 1970, there will be an equal division of TV income among all clubs of the combined league."
Later, in his lengthy Congressional statements, Rozelle further spelled out what the NFL would do if allowed to merge with the AFL. He said this:

"Professional football operations will be preserved in the 23 cities and 25 stadiums where such operations are presently being conducted. This alone is a matter of considerable public interest--to local economies, stadium authorities and consumers. Without the plan, franchise moves and/or franchise failures will occur as a matter of course within the next few years."
O'reilly said:
Pete built the modern NFL into the monster it is today...the greatest "Commissioner" in any sport in any era...That Owner's Biatch Tagliaboob couldn't hold Pete's jock...:icon_evil:

Pete lived in Rancho Sante Fe...a local guy...
Word! :tup: