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Parcells already tired of T.O.’s selfish ways


Well-Known Member

Parcells already tired of T.O.’s selfish ways

Tuna won't say it publicly, but he's sick of Owens’ doing only what he wants

By Jim Reeves
MSNBC contributor
Updated: 3:33 p.m. PT Aug 16, 2006

In his first mini-camp as Dallas Cowboys coach in 1989, Jimmy Johnson once pointed a player toward the “asthma field,” which, of course, was the Jimster’s euphemism for the exit door at the team’s Valley Ranch training complex.

Too bad Bill Parcells, the Cowboys’ current boss, doesn’t have a “pain-in-the-neck field” he could point to right about now.

There is no escape hatch for Parcells and the Cowboys, though. They’re stuck with Terrell Owens, and they know it.

Parcells simply has to grin — around gritted teeth — and bear it.

In a battle of wills between the legendary Cowboys coach and the infamous “I love me some me” T.O., Owens has clearly drawn the lines of battle.

Just as clearly, he’s winning that fight, too.
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Bill Parcells' time with Dallas hasn't been too good for him in the WR department.

First Jerry Jones brings in Meshawn Johnson, and now T.O.


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ESPN jes reported that he aggravated the hammy, is headed backta the bike, and is likelyta miss this weekend's game vs Frisco!!:icon_mrgreen: :lol: :tdown:
It was a matter of time and millions of people, football fans or not, saw this coming. Still, I cannot feel sorry for Dallas. :no: