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Padres, Chargers on TV at same time


FU Spanos and Dundon
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The thing San Diego sports fans feared most ---- the Padres and Chargers each playing in prime-time on national television on the same day ---- has happened.

With the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers losing Saturday, Game 4 of the Padres-Cardinals NL Division Series is the only baseball game on the schedule today, which means the Padres game will be played at 5:05 p.m. on Fox. Thom Brennaman, Tim McCarver and Chris Myers calling the action.

Also tonight, the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Chargers on NBC's "Sunday Night Football" at 5:15 p.m. Al Michaels and John Madden call the action.

Should the Padres force a Game 5, Fox would carry the action at 5 p.m. Monday from Petco Park. That game would go head-to-head with ESPN's "Monday Night Football" telecast of Baltimore-Denver that kicks off at 5:30 p.m.

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!~BOLT~! said:
thank goodness for TiVo. but will definitely be watching the chargers!
Hehe, I'll be at the CHargers game and I'll be TiVo'ing the Chargers game as well.

Screw the Padres. I can already tell you what will happen, 853 men will be left stranded on base, Pujols will not be walked intentionally and will find some way to wreck the Pads chances of winning, AGAIN. They got lucky yesterday.

Lancer 1

Betrayed Bolt Supporter
I've done it before & I'll do it again...

I'll be at a sports bar monitoring both crucial games at the same time! :tup:


Easy choice for me.

I am not much of a baseball fan.

I do hope the Padres wins because, well, it's SD. Good reason huh.:yes:


Well-Known Member
i would normally agree with you ridethelightning, but not today, i got a good feeling about the later start. first of all we wont have to be subjected to the douchebag commentators explaining how the shadow of home plate is the reason we suck. constantly using the telepromter to show us the shade line from the pitchers mound as often as john maddens caught circling sea gull ****. plus were a west coast team. PADS WIN TONIGHT, BANK ON IT!!!