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Offseason Coaching Changes

Discussion in 'American Football' started by Shamrock, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Shamrock

    Shamrock Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    I heard Kirwan say that the average head coach turnover was 5-6 per year - but since there were 10-11 last year, there will be less this season than average. Also, add in most coaches that are in their second year won't be replaced, as it's typical to give a guy three years before looking elsewhere.


    AFC East: NE, NYJ and Buffalo won't change. Miami expected more by now from Saban, but he just completed his 2nd season. The QB carousel has to stop in order for the Dolphins to get consistency. Speculation about change in Miami will be just that - speculation.

    AFC North: Brian Billick is in his 8th year, and needs a playoff spot and maybe a win to guarantee he stays. I don't think there will be any change in Baltimore.

    I thought Crennel might be a hot seat guy, but the Browns have been playing better of late, and talent is their major problem, not coaching. Some of their young playmakers (KII, Edwards) need to mature as men (and players) before they'll start to win. The largest collection of players with character issues resides in Cincinnate. If the Bengals don't make the playoffs, there will be rumors of change at the top, but I think Marvin Lewis stays either way. Even with the problem children distraction, Cincy's biggest need is more defense.

    The longest tenured coach in the NFL, Bill Cowher, might be the only job changed in this division. He has one season left on his contract after this year, but he already has bought a home in North Carolina and his family moved down there. Burnout? If the Steelers do look for a new coach, they won't look outside the organization. Ken Whisenhunt or Russ Grimm will be the next Pittsburgh HC.

    AFC South: Dungy is a lock to stay in Indy. Houston is on first year coach Kubiak.

    The Titans ownership have a 1 year team option to retain Jeff Fisher. The Titans are starting to play well - above their talent - as of late, and V. Young is showing that his game translates to the NFL. Tennessee needs to make a long term committment to Fisher, or find a new coach. Using the one year option solves nothing (unless it's just to retain Fisher while working on the extension). Fisher has been rumored to want out of the Titans organization, mostly due to wanting more control over player personnel. Owner Bud Adams is difficult to predict, so this one is a toss up, but probably leaning towards change. IMO, the biggest problem with the Titans is Floyd Reese, the General Manager. He got the team into cap hell, and hasn't restocked the cupboards as fast as expected, although there is some good young talent on this team. If change does occur for the HC job with the Titans, expect a cost conscious Adams to hire a cheaper first time Head Coach - meaning Cam Cameron might be a candidate.

    Jacksonville's HC, Jack Del Rio, could be labeled a "hot seat" candidate. They are seemingly in the mix every year, but can't get over the hump. QB problems are plaguing the team, and fans are restless over the stunted growth of Brian Leftwich. Is Garrard the QB of the future? Jacksonville has some off season decisions to make, in terms of committing to a QB. Whether Del Rio stays or not is a guess, but I'd lean toward him returning. If JAX does make a change, their organizational philosophy, with the current talent level, suggests they would hire a "known" commodity in a coach, yet they are a small market team down near the bottom in revenue - which suggests hiring a first time type coach that isn't as expensive. IMO, the best chance for the Jags to win in 2007 is to retain Del Rio and fix their QB situation. They are caught in the middle, and what they do this offseason will either propel them to make strides to catch Indy, or sink them towards the bottom of their division.

    AFC West: Shanarat isn't going anywhere in Donkeyville. Herm Edwards is a lock to return in KC. Alibi Al Davis will keep Art Shell because no one else would want that job anyway.

    Marty Schottenheimer is the only possible change in this division. But, Marty is going to win Super Bowl XLI and return in 2007 to defend his title. Dean Spanos might have to break up another playground fight between Marty and AJ Smith, but both come back next season.
  2. Shamrock

    Shamrock Well-Known Member

    Jun 18, 2006

    NFC East: There is a slight chance that this division could see four new head coaches in 2007.

    Daniel "Napolean" Snyder is the most impatient owner in the NFL, and is bound to want change for his underperforming Redskins. HoF Coach Joe Gibbs hasn't accomplished much in his second stint in Washington, and look for him to bow out (with a nice fat compensatory check from Snyder) after this season. Asst HC/DC Gregg Williams has a clause in his contract that gives him a $ 1 million bonus if he is NOT selected as the next 'Skins HC. Snyder won't care about that money, and will hire the guy he wants whatever the cost. Williams might be Snyder's man, but I'd bet the 'Skins go outside their organization for a "name" coach, maybe even chasing (and driving up the bidding price) on Jeff Fisher, if the Titans don't exercise their option on him. Bet on change in Washington.

    Bill Parcells seems re-energized with new starting QB Tony Romo at the helm. The only way Parcells leaves after this season is if the Cowboys win the Super Bowl, or if he cites health/family concerns. I'd bet on a last season "goodbye tour" for Parcells in 2007. If the Cowboys do change head coaches because Parcells decides to step down, only a "name" will do in Dallas. Jeff Fisher will be a candidate (see above), or possibly Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops. Jerry "Smiley" Jones might even make a run at USC HC Pete Carroll. The Dallas media is every bit as invasive as NY media when it comes to football, especially Cowboys football. If a change is made, the next head coach will be in a fish bowl, dealing with a fiddling owner, a tough media crowd, expectant fans, and the ever changing T.O. factor.

    Even if the Giants make the playoffs, someone will be the fall guy for a season that hasn't lived up to expectations. At a minimum, that person will be NYG offensive co-ordinator Kevin Gilbride. HC Tom Coughlin could also go with him. The Giants organization has long thrived on maintaining continuity, but losing Wellington Mara and another strong minority owner Bob Tisch creates questions on how the Giants will handle on field adversity when it comes to organization stability. The Giants have talent, but have been beset by injuries and a regression in QB play by third year wonderboy - shEli Manning. Tiki Barber will retire, and the G-Men have some locker room issues, with strong personalities such as Burress, Shockey and Strahan. Based on history, my best guess says the Giants stay with Coughlin for one more year (at least) but if they do make a change, expect them to join other big market clubs in search of a "name" candidate. Again, Fisher's name will come up, but I think Pete Carroll's would not - at least not seriously. I doubt Carroll will want to play puppet for the NY media again. Charlie Weis' name also will get flaunted, but the Irish head coach is not going to leave Notre Dame - he loves where he is and wants to get his alma mater back to where boosters believe it should rightfully be.

    Philly again was hit with injuries, with QB McNabb missing time for the what seems like an annual problem - he either has the worst luck in the world or is injury prone. Andy Reid is a solid coach, but football fans witnessed a horrible time management problem in the Eagles lone Super Bowl appearance, and blame has rightfully been cast on both Reid and McNabb for that failure. I think Reid returns, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a change either.

    NFC North: This division has three first year head coaches (Green Bay, Detroit, Minnesota) and a back to back division champ (2005 - 2006) coach in Chicago's Lovie Smith. There will not be any changes in HC's within this division. The two biggest changes might be in the direction of starting QB in Chicago (if the Bears make an early playoff exit that can be blamed on offensive futility) and speculation about the General Manager in Detroit. Damn near every NFL fan wants to know how the hell Matt Millen still has a job. If he keeps his job through the draft, then I want to know the secret he has on the Ford family. That has got to be some good dirt.

    NFC South: New Orleans is leading their division with a first year head coach in Sean Peyton. He should be a lock for coach of the year.

    Tampa Bay's HC, Jon "Chuckie" Gruden, got the dreaded vote of confidence from management recently. The Bucs have hugely underperformed expectations, and it's very possible a change is in order on the Florida Gulf Coast. Does changing HC's help the Bucs? If they do, are they in the market for a "name" or will they look to find first year success in a new HC like New Orleans? TB's biggest problems are underproducing draft picks, and age to its core veterans.

    Jim Mora (the Dad) came out and said "Mike Vick is a coach killer" - that had to create some family issues with his son, Jim Mora Jr., the head coach of the Falcons. Dad was right. Dan Reeves lost his job because of Vick, and numerous OC's have been fired as well. I think the young Mora will be back in '07, but unless Atlanta gets to the NFL's Promised Land soon, he isn't going to last more than one or two more seasons.

    Carolina's John Fox is a good coach, and one of the good guys in the NFL. His team is also one that is not living up to preseason expectations. The Panthers can lock Fox into another year with a strong push in the stretch run, but even if they don't make the playoffs, I think Fox comes back in '07. Jake Delhomme is costing his team games, with inconsistent quarterbacking and some real bonehead INT's such as the end of game miscue vs. the Eagles on MNF. The team and its QB were overrated by pundits and fans. Either Delhomme needs to mature as a QB, or he will cost his HC his job within the next couple years.

    NFC West: Unless Mike Holmgren wants to retire, there will be no change in the NFL's Alaskan outpost. Well, Seattle isn't really in Alaska, it just feels like that when you look at how long it takes to drive or fly up there. He's staying.

    San Francisco and St. Louis are both on first (STL) or second (SF) year coaches. Neither will make a change.

    Arizona is the one city that everyone is SURE will make a coaching change this offseason. Dennis Green has been described as "Dead man walking." The Cardinals are horrible. In my opinion - prior to this year - Dennis Green was the most overrated coach in the NFL. Now, everyone knows "He is what we thought he was" ..... Noted cheapskate owner, Bill Bidwill, is unpredictable. He could even keep Green for one more season, just so he wouldn't be stuck with paying the last year of a contract without getting any return. The Bidwill's have continuously owned this franchise since the 1930's. The last success this organization saw was the 1947 NFL title. The Cardinals are the oldest continuously run pro football team in the US - founded in 1898. Their vagabond existence, with creation in the Chicago suburbs to St. Louis and now Phoenix, AZ has given a perception that doesn't match their true history as being a charter member of the NFL. The Cardinals should make a change at head coach. Pete Carroll is the logical name being bandied about, but the ever cheap Bidwill family might just look at a young first time head coach - if for no other reason than it is less expensive than a "name" commodity. The Cardinals need a new head coach, a better defense, and some investment in their offensive line.
  3. AnteaterRaider

    AnteaterRaider Carpe Diem et omni Mundio Staff Member Super Moderator Podcaster

    Jan 19, 2006
    Rest assured that Cam Cameron and MAYBE Phillips will be getting attention
  4. SDRaiderH8er

    SDRaiderH8er Well-Known Member

    Apr 27, 2006
    Cam will, but it looks really easy with LT in the backfield.
  5. nickelbolt

    nickelbolt Fuggedaboutit

    Aug 20, 2006
    Cam's gonna take over the reigns after we win the Lombardi and Marty decides he wants to go out on top as King Big Di<k!! WOO HOO!! :tup:

    ...as opposed to leaving the way Cowher is gonna. BOO HOO!! :tdown:

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