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Official Chargers vs Giants thread

Will the Chargers get their first victory this week against the Giants?

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FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Ok Charger fans here is where we turn our season around. The Giants come to town feeling good at 2-0. We are desparate to get our first win. What better way to jump start your season than by destorying "sheli" and the Giants? :whack:

We won't forget how "Sheli" dissed the Chargers and put himself above the league. Look for our best over all performance yet and a huge win on national TV for us. Go Chargers!

Bolts 34
Giants 13

Hey, Ray, that's a good lookin Banner you got there!!!

I think the Chargers are going to throw down this week and one of two things will happen by the end of this week...

1. The Chargers come out, do everything they can, and get beat. If this happens, the season may as well just be over. They are going to be so down on themselves that they won't know what to do.

the more likely one:

2. The Chargers are going to come out, do everything they can, and WIN! ... Here's the thing about that though, if they win big, then the first two games are just a thing of the past, and they can still have hope for the season. If they just squeak by, they are looking at a bad situation where they will think more on the first two games and doubt they should have won this game...

THis game is the first MUST win I will say. No team can rebound from 0-3... very few can do it from 0-2... Let's see which team they are!!


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Getting your self out of a 0-3 hole with the schedule we have is almost impossible. Although we did start out at 0-4 in '92 and finshed at 11-5. But I don't see that happening with this team.

We'll win. Someway somehow, we'll win this Sunday.