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Norm Chow and Vince Young's sudden development...

Discussion in 'American Football' started by O'reilly, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. O'reilly

    O'reilly Well-Known Member

    Aug 29, 2005
    Coincidence? Or is Chow really that good? With Philip, Matt Lineart, Carson Palmer and Young all developing quickly, I think it is no coincidence...Chow is the common denominator...(Chow also developed Steve Young, Jim McMahon, and Marc Wilson at BYU)

    On the other hand, (the other QB guru) Jeff Tedford's guys don't look so good in the NFL:
    Fresno State
    Trent Dilfer 6th overall 1994, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    David Carr 1st overall 2002, Houston Texans
    Akili Smith 3rd overall 1999, Cincinnati Bengals
    Joey Harrington 3rd overall 2002, Detroit Lions
    Kyle Boller 19th overall 2003, Baltimore Ravens
    Aaron Rodgers 24th overall 2005, Green Bay Packers
    (He also coached Billy Volek, a backup quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, and A.J. Feeley, a backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.)

    Could Chow be the guy to replace Denny Green in Arizona and reunite with Matt Lineart?
  2. BFISA

    BFISA Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2005
    All that being said, many posters at UT acuppola years ago were screamin for Tedford to replace Marty.

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