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Next up! Cleveland Browns!

Ok, What concerns, if any, do you have about our game with the Browns?

1) I worry about the Chargers coming out flat. Not that I am conviced this will happen, but I don't want them to underestimate any team.

2) I think the 12th man, the crowd, will really give the Bolts a home field advantage. So be there and be loud when we're on defense.

Any other thoughts?


Watched rerun of the browns game. Their a tough team. Chargers are gonna have to go out there and hit to win this game..


Charger fan since 1979
A tightend named Kellen Winslow having a career game in San Diego? :icon_shrug: (sound oddly familiar :icon_huh: )

Seriously, the only problem would be a letdown, the Chargers should trounce de browns by 20+ points


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i agree loud is good ,fotthem not to think its in the bag we need this denvers at pitt this week ,leave it all out there on the field hold nothing back.


Carpe Diem et omni Mundio
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1. Kamerion Wimbley is a pretty decent OLB and pass rusher
2. Ted Washington remains a big pain in the *** to move
3. Braylon Edwards is not to be taken lightly
4. Same as above with Kellen Winslow
5. Reuben Droughns is a load to take down

Beyond that
The only thing that concerns me is Winslow. The bolts have been very crapy at covering good TEs this year. Gonzales made them look silly and Heap tore the D a new one on that last drive in the B-more game.

I will be making the rodie to SD for this game.

Car->Plane->Taxi->Trolley->Murph. :nana_rasta: :icon_beerbang: :football: :icon_party:


Ride The Lightning said:
We're gonna kick their asses all over the field on Sunday.

There's a pretty good reason they're 2-5, they suck.

i wouldnt say they suck, i mean all the teams that they did lose to only won by a few points except the bengals.
I pretty much agree with the above. We should not take the Browns lightly, they have some weapons. We can't get conservative, we need to put up as many points as possible. If we don't play conservative we can beat any team in the NFL!
Go Chargers!!!:bolt:


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give them credit, they must be true fans. But they wont win. No way in hell. LT is movin. Rivers is groovin. And our defense is going to play with emotions w/wo Merriman. We should have Phillips back to give us pass rush. Keep Droughns in check and smack Winslow so hard he coughs up his liver! We win big, 34-13.
like i said b4, the browns suck. edwards and winslow are their only threats, and i think if we get creative on D we can easily stop them.... by creative, i mean putting cro on winslow. winslows biggest assets are his quickness and hands. i dont think hes that tough, so i wouldnt underestimate cro pressin him on the line, even....i know this would seem unconventional, but with northcutt continuing to battle injuries, this team really only has 2 receivers anyways. plus, orpheus is injured too, and mcginest and andruzzi may miss the game also.

peaz to cleveland


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I will never forget the season the Browns fans knew they were losing their team and watching them play at the Murph.

It was probably the only game I could not play TAPS for an opposing team.

I had a conversation with a few Browns fans that day and man oh man you could feel their pain of losing the "Dawg pound" etc etc.

Those fans are crazy - I mean flat out nuts knawing on dog bones in the end zone ....... well you get the picture.


They are an AFC opponents so fuc 'em. :icon_mrgreen:


Still Chargin
Staff member
BFISA said:
Frankly, I haven't met too many Browns fans!!:icon_eek: :icon_mrgreen:
I have, one called me yesterday to ask me not to rub in the upcomming Charger victory too much.


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Concudan said:
I have, one called me yesterday to ask me not to rub in the upcomming Charger victory too much.
Musta heard ya baggin on your Rams fan co-worker, and is doin a pre-emptive whine :icon_eek: :icon_mrgreen: :lol:
I was over at the browns board and they seem to be pretty nice but you'll always get that one jerkoff who stands on his soap box and tells everyone how Merriman is bad for the sport and will go on and on and on. The thing is that if Winslow II ended up testing positive they'd be coming up with excuses right and left for their "soldier". It's just a bit frustrating thats it.

Oh and they think the bolts only have 4 fans. Maybe we should stop by and show them how many we are.



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Tougher test awaits Browns in San Diego

Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Mary Kay Cabot
Plain Dealer Reporter

There's no question the Browns' offense is rejuvenated under new coordinator Jeff Davidson, but the enthusiasm should be tempered slightly because his debut came against the New York Jets' 30th-ranked defense.

The Jets clearly were the worst de fense the Browns have faced this season. Even Oakland was ranked 10th when the Browns defeated them in Week 4.

A truer test comes Sunday in San Diego against the league's sec ond-ranked defense, one that's sixth against both the run and pass. It will be truer still if the offense has to contend with linebacker Shawne Merriman, who leads the league with 8.5 sacks..................click on link for more


Well-Known Member
They are still talking about trying to stop the run and hope that Rivers makes mistakes. Has anybody been paying attention. Hello? NFL teams? Are you all retarded? Rivers is going to carve up whatever you brown fans are calling a defense. The brown D is ranked 30th. They are not going to stop the run. They are not going to win it with their defense and hope that Rivers makes mistakes. They are going to come to town, get dropped and stomped, and go back to their dog house or whatever it is. O, and while we're at it, I wouldn't mind seeing "K2":rolleyes2: get his solder *** smacked all over the place.


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And another thing, without Shawne in the line up, The Chargers are going to work their asses off this week to prove they can win without him and are not even going to think about letting this game slip by. Focused and ready. Yep.


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exodus said:
And another thing, without Shawne in the line up, The Chargers are going to work their asses off this week to prove they can win without him and are not even going to think about letting this game slip by. Focused and ready. Yep.

yes i agree with exodus but its important to remember the cleveland clowns have nothing to lose and we do being tied for first an the brocettes laying the steelers top take no team for granted no team and to give me what they came for with the best D in the league and an a** stomping >>>> prediction this week L.T 167 rushing yards 53 passing 2 touchdowns in a SAN DIEGO 34 - 3 victory over the cleveland clowns,one more thing it would be great to be even louder than it was last week at home when there offense is on the feld ,I BLED BLUE AND GOLD,marc
Not even going to waste my time on that board. The most of the ones posting on the chargers thread have no clue. They are all saying the same thing that other teams fans were saying that we faced.

Stop LT and make Rivers beat us.

Did those knuckleheads look at the stats or review any of our games?

They beat the Jets barely, and they use that as a point about having a chance in this game? :icon_rofl: :icon_rofl: :icon_rofl:


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This is the kind of game that worries me the most. If they focus on the game and play Charger football, it should be an easy win, but if they are looking past them, Cleveland is just the kind of team to punch you in the mouth. Frye is young and has a pretty good arm, and I think Droughns is a solid running back. I'm not sold on Winslow, despite his pedigree. I don't know much about their defense, so I can't really comment. How good is their secondary? A lot will depend on how well they play on Sunday.


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SOme guy on the Browns board calling himself "Dawg the Bounty HUnter" was being a complete tool so I felt it necessary for "BoltsOwnU" to make an appearance there (as he does on so many other opposing boards) to set him straight. . .