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Nekkid driving


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Detroit coach arrested for multiple offenses

Detroit Lions assistant coach Joe Cullen has encountered legal trouble for, among other things, allegedly driving without clothes.

According to a report in Wednesday's Detroit Free Press, Cullen, who was hired by first-year head coach Rod Marinelli to coach the team's defensive line, has been arrested twice in the past two weeks.

The first arrest, on Aug. 24, was for alleged indecent and obscene conduct. The second, on Sept. 1, was for alleged drunk driving. Both occurred in Dearborn, MI........


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Between the Steve Foley incident, the Deion Branch brouhaha, Jon Jansen's fun with numbers, and news of the DWI and DWN arrests of Lions defensive line coach Joe Cullen, this has been without question one of the strangest seven-day periods in the NFL that we ever can recall.

And it only keeps getting stranger.

There are now reports that Cullen's arrest for driving without clothing occurred after he pulled up to a drive-thru window at a Wendy's to pick up a burger, fries, and a drink. (We assume that the beverage wasn't piping hot coffee.)

Officer: "Sir, can you please tell us why you pulled up naked to the drive-thru window?"

Cullen: "Well, I couldn't have gone inside like this."

We were actually starting to think that Cullen's excuse might have been that he had been at a woman's house when her boyfriend/fiancee/husband came home, a la Sideways. Or that he'd gotten the George Costanza treatment from the woman on the subway who thought he actually had money. But under such circumstances the natural reaction is to conceal one's condition, not display it.

So our only conclusion (as a reader pointed out this morning) is that John Cullen is the real-life Glenn "Giggity" Quagmire.


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The Detroit Lions plan to suspend defensive line coach Joe Cullen for one game. Cullen recently was arrested twice in two weeks. Once for driving drunk. Once for driving naked.

Apparently, he was clothed while drunk. Sober while naked.

We're still extremely curious as to whether the Lions didn't know that Cullen has had past incidents during his time as a college coach at Mississippi and at Indiana, or whether they knew and didn't care. If the Lions didn't know, they should fire Matt Millen right now, and anyone who was directly responsible for not bringing all of the pertinent information to the table.

Likewise, if Cullen in any way misrepresented his background when applying for the job, they should send him packing, too. It's not as if head coach Rod Marinelli, who was a successful defensive line coach for several years at Tampa, can't handle the job in Cullen's absence.

Cullen was fired during a brief stay at Ole Miss after being arrested for public intoxication. He also was reprimanded while an assistant at Indiana for slapping a player on the helmet during a game.

Surprisingly, the players are standing by Cullen, despite one of the most bizarre arrests of which we've ever heard. Said defensive tackle Marcus Bell on Thursday: "We support him, no question. It's behind us. We're glad to have him here. That's the bottom line." (We wonder whether Bell intentionally selected words like "behind" and "bottom.")

One last thought before we close the book on this one -- unless Cullen's car has leather seats, there's no way in hell he's ever going to be able to sell the thing.


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If this was a chick driving naked would I feel any different about it? :yes:

Did his neighbors see him walk to his car naked?