Nats’ Zimmerman and Ross opt to sit out the season


Sep 7, 2008
Covid-related (though neither have tested positive themselves). Both are concerned with health impacts.
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Gill Man

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Sep 1, 2017
Don't blame them. It's not worth it and they have money.
it's sort of amazing more have not done the same. I don't know, the odds of these guys ending up with severe illness in extremely low but nevertheless even if it's a chance of contracting the disease there are 'long haulers'......those are folk infected and even young folks who may not die or have hospital acute phase illness, yet they end up with long lasting symptoms from just being infected......those can be minor to severe long lasting symptoms.....stuff like brain fog, difficulty focusing or concentrating, shortness ofbreath, and in severe cases difficulty even walking and having to learn to walk again. The virus can be wicked if contracted , so I fully understand these guys. Playing a game (even though it's their livelihood) is of secondary priority to maintaining full health, especially in a young athlete (well actually ANYBODY). So why take the risk other than the league wants to continue making money? I don't get it frankly. More players will be contracting the disease as the season progresses too.

And take football by comparison, MUCH more risky. And that they continued working on SoFi even though 2 workers died on the job, and 20-30 tested positive, well it tells you money talks rather than science.
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