Most valuable offensive person for Chargers

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Who is the person most responsible...

  • Drew Brees

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  • Antonio Gates

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  • Cam Cameron

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Oct 29, 2005
The Chargers' offense is clicking like we haven't seen since the Coryell years. It started happening early last season. My question is:
Who is the person most responsible for it?

a) LaDainian Tomlinson
b) Drew Brees
c) Antonio Gates
d) Cam Cameron


Sep 19, 2005
The most important offensive person?

This is not a question easily answered. LT is the NFL's best runningback. Gates is maybe the best Tight End, and niether of them would have success without good play from QB, Drew Brees. So I would have to got with Cam Cameron, since he has worked with some of the best offensive guys in college that are now in the NFL , he has a track record of producing some steller offensive stars. So im gonna go with Cam Cameron.


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Jun 20, 2005
Chula Vista, CA
I too would have to go Cam Cameron too. Like in the Coryell days, Ernie Zampese was the Offensive Coord. that made Air Coryell take flight. Cam does the same for us. He knows how to use the weapons we have and distributes the ball properly.

A team can have all the talent in the world but if you don't have the OC in place, you go nowhere. Example, look at Arizona and Detroit. Tons of talent on offense, but they can barely score over 10 points a game.

Cam is one of the most innovative OC's in the game today and will be highly sought after for available head coaching jobs.


Oct 18, 2005
It all starts at QB. Brees is the most valuable piece of the equation. He directs the team on the field and is the leader. LT is a very close second., his presence on the field and his ability to run takes the load off of Brees and opens things up for Gates. I agree tha Cameron calls the plays and creates the playbook. But you need the right players to execute it. So agian my vote goes to Brees.


Oct 29, 2005
I'm going to put my vote in for Brees. As goes Brees, so goes the offense. They didn't get hot as a unit last year until he got it going. LT and Gates are stupendous and Cameron may be too (hard to say for sure) but I'm pretty certain that if Brees missed any time, the offense would start having some big trouble.

Even after last season though, I was kinda blaming Brees saying he "took so long to get it going." And that if he had played better earlier in his career, the team wouldn't have had to draft Rivers and they could have had a Roy Williams. But he has showed this year that he is no fluke. And anytime you have a franchise quarterback, you just count your blessings. That's what Brees has become and our offense is far better for it.

My second question to everyone is:
If AJ Smith hadn't drafted Rivers, would Brees have lifted his game to this level?