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Merriman's INT!!

Trumpet_Man said:
Watch #70 (Olivea at right tackle).

The TD is great but look at the replays of the blocking by Olivea.
jeez, he is the one supposed to be pancaking the d-line man not the other way round :icon_huh: :icon_shrug: :no:
thejdog said:
You see Walter Jones on the other side totally shut down Foley....We need that guy
on a blitz by the Giants (who have some good OLBs), D'Brick picked up 2 of them coming at him at full speed - that kid will be good :icon_eek:


Well-Known Member
BFISA said:
I saw it...looked like he fell tryinta block the DE.
Yeah.....there is a lot the camera cheats the home viewers out of due to following the ball.

This is why I do not like Olivea at RT. I see this and more at the games which just makes me mad.....
btw, sweet pass from PR to Krause. we need to go on a 2 back set and keep turner in to block and lt to motion out to the right in a slot position.

this O-line cant be counted on to protect the QB. It aint gonna happen.


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thejdog said:
Olivea is a POS - This is the 3rd time I 've asked this - was Olivea responsible for the sack on PR that bruised his shoulder?

looked to me like he was...
I was taking a wizz during that play and missed it.....


Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016
gimme a break, the play was designed for olivea to shuffle two-three steps and help draw the defense to the right along with the WR in motion and the FB, while the RB goes through a gap to the left. he was caught off guard because usually a DE will sniff that out before making contact and so olivea usually has to do nothing but give a weak little handpunch. bottom line is the play was executed perfectly and we scored. lame excuse, just a lame excuse.
thejdog said:
yeah I saw that. I'd give my left nut for a franchise LT...AJ does not think it's an issue and he is GAWD so who am I to say...:icon_shrug:
AJ looks at the Pats and says they do not have any stars on O-line and so he is not going to get any stars. WHAT he does not seem to understand is that Tom Brady's left tackle was MATT LIGHT. Matt Light learnt at Purdue from a great offensive co-ordinator, oline coach and a great college qb. then he goes to play for one of the best qbs in the league.
I dont care what u might say about the Breeser but he knows how to get his O-Line together esp. the Left Tackle. I dont know much about PR but I can say this much with confidence he aint no Brady or Brees or Manning with the O-line...

AJ we need BEEF.


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goboilers said:
jeez, he is the one supposed to be pancaking the d-line man not the other way round :icon_huh: :icon_shrug: :no:
This is going to be a real test for this O-line to gel ....

Leander went out with some sort of shoulder stinger so we are down to the scrubs even scrubbier than Jordan........