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Jul 6, 2005
His is a beast! He has come long way in a short time. The difference he makes out there is unbelivable. I know that Derrick Johnson from KC was the early favorite for defensive rookie of the year, but I think that Merriman also has a shot.


Aug 7, 2005
Gatchaman said:
His is a beast! He has come long way in a short time. The difference he makes out there is unbelivable. I know that Derrick Johnson from KC was the early favorite for defensive rookie of the year, but I think that Merriman also has a shot.
A helluva shot if you ask me. It's great how fast he's picked up the Charger's scheme. He continues to impress me every week. I can't wait to see him :kickass: in the playoffs!!!


Oct 14, 2005
If "Lights Out" continues on this tear, he'll end up with 10-15 sacks and should definitely get serious consideration for defensive rookie player of the year.

But let's not forget Castillo. He is constantly in the opposing QB's face and is doing well stopping the run. This has got to be one of the best drafts we've had in a while.


Aug 7, 2005
Chargerpower said:
This has got to be one of the best drafts we've had in a while.
With the exception of the Gates mess, AJ Smith is doing a great job! Don't get me wrong...the thing with Gates was a huge chink in the armor, but it's water under the bridge and hopefully all dried up for any future "mistakes".


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Jun 20, 2005
Chula Vista, CA
Chiefs miss Holmes after he takes hit

Here's an article on the huge hit by Merriman on Holmes

SAN DIEGO — This time, the Chiefs had no choice. With Priest Holmes dazed on the sideline, the Chiefs had to play running back Larry Johnson. And in the fourth quarter, with the Chiefs trying to come back against San Diego, Johnson twice failed to get into the end zone on short-yardage plays.

And it reminded everyone once again just how important Holmes has been to the Kansas City offense the last four years.

“It was very frustrating,” Johnson said after the game. “But I don’t call the plays. I just run them. It’s my job, no matter what, to punch the ball in the end zone.”

Holmes was hurt in the third quarter when he was leveled by San Diego linebacker Shawne Merriman. It was a ferocious hit, one that seemed to echo throughout Qualcomm Stadium. Holmes left the game because of what trainers called “a mild head trauma.” He would not return.

“I didn’t see the true impact of (the hit),” Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer said. “But it certainly got the attention of everyone on our sideline.”

The hit also brought Johnson into the game. The Chiefs have been using Johnson every third possession all year. Now, it was his show. Johnson is younger, bigger and faster than Holmes, and he had already broken a dazzling 46-yard run. There are many in Kansas City who believe he is ready to be the Chiefs’ starting running back.

But it’s not that simple. Holmes has scored 76 touchdowns since arriving in Kansas City, a pace unmatched in NFL history. He knows how to get in the end zone. And the Chiefs have been spoiled.

Early in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs had the ball on the Chargers’ 3. On third down, they gave the ball to Johnson, who tried to slam in behind right guard Will Shields. He was stopped at the Chargers’ 2.

The Chiefs then called timeout and thought about whether to go for it.

With Holmes on the sideline, they decided to kick the field goal.

Later in the fourth quarter, the Chiefs again had the ball at the 3. Again, they gave it to Johnson behind Shields. This time, he was stopped for no gain. And this time, the Chiefs came away with no points.

“Those were big plays,” Johnson said. “I’ve got to get in there. If I’m going to be a top running back, I’ve got to get in.”


Sep 19, 2005
Merriman smacks a Priest?

Merriman earned my respect this week with the shot on Priest Holms and put him out of the game. It sure was nice seeing him sit on the sidelines wondering what day it was. Not that i get off on seeing anyone hurt, but MAYUN that was a shot heard all the way back in Kansas City.

BTW.....trainers called Holmes reason for leaving the game..."...a mild head trauma.." Let me summorize for football fans everywhere.



Oct 29, 2005
Yeah, in case anyone is wondering, Merriman is for real. And we got him for Eli Manning. Thanks Eli.

The big thing with rookies is you just want to see them stay healthy and get playing time. There is nothing worse than not being on the field. Because then you have no chance to develop.

I was just beside myself when I saw that Merriman fell to us on draft day. I had resigned myself to thinking we'd have to settle for a David Pollack or something. This is soooo much better. Who among us is going to the be the first to say of Merriman ...... "And the hits just keep onnnnnnnn coming." ???


Aug 21, 2005
Merriman...and he's getter better each game>>


Shawne Merriman...I think AJ Smith has struck gold....Again! We have all been waiting for a performance like this from Mr. Lights Out and to think this guy is still getting used to this defense. Wow! This guy reminds me of another LT. The original Lawrence Taylor. I'm looking forward to seeing more hits from him this coming week in New York.

Note, Shawne dont knock out Curtis Martin is my fantasy guy and I don't want him ruined for the rest of the season! :oops: