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Medical Profession

It appears that the top paying professions are still in the medical field with various specialties of doctors being in the top 10. Nurse Practitioners were up there with some of the top paying jobs...

Need to go back to school.. Could have my NP in less than one year. :tup:

The author of the story said our mothers were right... "Marry a Doctor" :lol:

Strong encouragement was given for avoiding credit cards except in extreme emergencies...

Saving, saving, saving was enforced....
Oh Wow!

I just called the U of U... and am going to the Grad School open house on 9/28 to learn more about the programs and speak to the specialty school program directors... God I have to take the GRE again. :icon_eek: :lol: Hope I can pass it now.

Apparently there is a new program being implemented these days called DNP. I think it's Doctorate of Nursing Practice. It takes three years :icon_eek: but you do receive a doctorate degree I was told that these new type of programs may eliminate the masters programs --down the road.

I think at this stage of my life and career, I'll pass on the DNP and go for the quick NP. :tup:
BFISA said:
Jes too bad ya gotta be a *gasp* Ute!!:icon_eek: :icon_mrgreen: :lol: :icon_rofl: :icon_tease:
Let's bet avatars on the SDSU/UTES game... :icon_mrgreen:
Loser uses the other team logo as an avatar for an agreed upon amount of time.


Well-Known Member
A lifetime ago, I had serious thots of gointa PA skool; at that particular time, it was relatively easyta get to, and most of the early PAs in the Army were Special Forces medics...all I really hadta do was serve my apprenticeship as an SF Medic, sota speak, and I'dda been in.

But I caught the door kickin, trigger pullin fever, and the rest, as they say...

No regrets, but sometimes I wonder what mightta been.