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leisure said:
Looks bleak.....I hate the Middle East :icon_evil:

BTW we had some people here think we are measuring our diks cause we talked markets yesterday :yes:
thats not nice :no: . J, is he still in SIRI??


Well-Known Member
I've been reading some pretty interesting stuff this morning and from what I've gathered Israel is going balls out over the weekend and that things could look much different monday morning.


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leisure said:
Do you own a gas station or are you a Saudi?
I drive a sedan.

I want to stick it to all those who drive these big, honking SUVs that get only 15mpg. :icon_mrgreen:


Maybe then Congress will actually get off their asses and do something, like make it mandatory that all (passenger) vehicles get AT LEAST 22 mpg.


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leisure said:
They are getting rid of the old iPods in inventory also cause their fall line is supposed to be pretty hot. This is nuts.....freaking war though will keep me out today
jdog said:
They are coming out with 4 new ipods this fall.

AAPL is a good buy here right now. I think Leisure has to wait for confirmation from his idol on Mad Money tonight.
I for one would never buy an iPod. I get more for my money from a Creative Zen.

Once Apple is forced to fully open iTunes so that their downloads can work on ANY portable media player, you'll see the sales of iPods decrease.


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leisure said:
SLUG you are a computer geek so you are right BUT that has nothing to do with it.....all the KIDS want an iPod like the next kid has...it is all about BRAND :icon_mrgreen:
That's it... "kids".

Adults and people in the know, know just how crappy iPods are. Their smaller form factor is about all they have going for them.

Hell, on C|Net and other technogeek sites they discussed how crappy the music comes from an iPod compared to other portable media players.

There's something about the decoder in those things that leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Once iTunes is fully open to all media players, you'll start seeing a mass exodus to OTHER players.


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leisure said:
what about the new Microsoft wireless player coming out late fall? :icon_eek:
It's OK. Still a little buggy.

I'd stick with a Creative Zen, or Zen:M (if you want to play movies), until they spend a year or so working the kinks out.