m.o.p.o.r.t. My Own Personal Opinion Rant Thread


Lone Wolf
Apr 10, 2010
Just came up with the idea, but it's late for me to be feeling the rant moment.

I had several responses to other posters and also watching tonight's 9 o clock news, I had a few I gotta let my rant be known moments. But I refrain as it's not as if what I was gonna say was gonna produce a new thought process in another random internet personality. Speaking of ranting *I apologize for the country grammer and I will say most of it is intentional but can't say all of it is true country depiction and what's up with the thread title acronym MOport? from a guy in the state of Missouri? sounds like a Missouri farm report! But seriously, have you seen this economy?*

Ah shit I'm ranting, that or the previous paragraph was brought to you by Jay Leno!

Yeah, his jokes were hit n miss for me too.

Ok so I can't keep ranting alone. Feel free to make this thread your home for decompressing, *ok so if you don't want to share, I'll be forced to just rant on alone!*

Be kind.
Be safe.
And that's for everyone.

Damnit, I'm ranting again!

Carry on.



Sep 7, 2008
One I liked by Leno:

“The Washington Bullets changed their name today. They said the current name reminded too many people of crime, so from now on they will called The Bullets”.

Carry on.