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Locking down the Future


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From the UT:

Under contract

The Chargers have 15 key players signed through at least 2009. The players:

Through 2009: DE Luis Castillo, LB Steve Foley, OT Marcus McNeill, LB Shawne Merriman, DT Igor Olshansky, WR Vincent Jackson.

Through 2010: CB Antonio Cromartie, TE Antonio Gates, WR Eric Parker, QB Philip Rivers, DT Jamal Williams

Through 2011: C Nick Hardwick, P Mike Scifres, RB LaDainian Tomlinson

Through 2012: CB Quentin Jammer


Throughout the offseason, we had many posters sing the same mantra ...

"Why isn't AJ signing any (big name) free agents?"

Look at that list above. It includes nearly every important (ie impact player) on the Chargers roster. The Chargers front office has decided to take the direction of draft well, and keep your own players into their second contract.

Salary cap money is BEST spent by maintaining continuity, and not continually turning over a roster. I think the Chargers front office should be commended for following this course, as it will pay dividends for seasons to come.

If you consider the solid job AJ and company have done in the draft in recent years, then you can add at least 9 (not counting compensatory or trades) more first day picks to the 15 players who will be on the roster in 2009. That means over half of our roster in 2009 is the current stars and the future young draftees.

SD will lose some FA's. That is a natural progression of a team getting better. But, locking down the above players and hopefully a few more will give this team a competitve shot at going deep in the playoffs each and every year for the upcoming seasons.

Some posters/fans are going to nitpick individual moves. Whether it be because it's their favorite player, or because of the way they view the game. However, I firmly believe in the path this organization is taking, and optimism for the future should be in every Charger fans thoughts.

Go Bolts !



FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Great post Shamrock. AJ is doing a fantastic job keeping key players and keeing this team competitive each year going forward.


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thejdog said:
Be honest Shammy it'd be nice to see AJ bring in an over-priced FA who may put us over the top at least once in a while

The old man is just gonna blow the cash on jet fuel and we're beyond good cap wise for years so...
Marcy Wiley, David Buston, Stephanie Alexander ..........

Hell, I wanted to see AJ pursue LeCharles Bentley, and AJ said he wanted to, but Bentley went "home" to Cleveland. I do think AJ will go after a player who is worth it, both in talent and in character. I'm damn sure he won't "rent a vet" by acquiring the likes of overpriced and over hyped players such as Ty Law. Nor will he be backing Brinks trucks up to the doorsteps of check cashers like Wiley, Boston or Alexander.

If AJ NEVER signs another "name" FA, but continues to re-sign our own players and drafts WELL, then we will see the Bolts continue to challenge for the AFC West and deep into the playoffs.

The path that AJ has taken is directly opposite of what his mentor, the late John Butler, did. Butler tried for the "home run" by acquiring FA talent, and it backfired.

You saw what the last Jets regime did to their team. It left them in cap hell. Now, Herm Edwards is continuing that in KC, by mortgaging their future cap with the Law signing, and by spending future draft picks (to acquire a backup RB).

I don't want our team to go down that path. Keep our good players into their second contracts. Draft well. Augment immediate needs with moderately priced FA's.

That's the model Pittsburgh has chosen. That's the model that got Philly to four straight NFC title games and one Super Bowl. That's the primary means that has kept New England competitive.

I think San Diego's future is bright by continuing with this tried and true method of team building.


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Yup. You follow what the successful teams are doing. It may take 3 or 4 years instead of a possible one, but then the success lasts longer as well.


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MasterOfPuppets said:
so, who's next to get an extention? Shaun Phillips, Florence?
Dielman, Olivea, Wilhelm, Cooper, Phillips, Florence (all in no particular order).

I hope AJ can lock down most of that group, but there will always be one or two that will want to test the FA waters.

IMO, the one that SHOULD (for his own best interests) test the market is Shaun Phillips. The 4-3 teams will make a major pitch for him, especially to be a bookend to a young uncoming stud DE (ie, like Houston's Mario Williams).


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SanDiegoRon said:
I'd HATE to lose Phillips - I LUV Foley, but Shaun represents the future with Merriman,...
I totally agree, but I think he'll be the hardest to re-sign, especially if his agent is any good.

He would get BIG offers from 4-3 teams to be a DE.


Charger fan since 1979
Shamrock said:
I totally agree, but I think he'll be the hardest to re-sign, especially if his agent is any good.

He would get BIG offers from 4-3 teams to be a DE.
I think you're right, plus I think he might want to be a full time starter, hopefully AJ can convince him that this is a good (and will become a better) situation for him


Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016
MasterofPuppets how dare you address leisure like that you shall bow down to him until you achieve perfect harmony through leisurevisions :icon_evil:


Charger fan since 1979
MtlBoltsFan said:
MasterofPuppets how dare you address leisure like that you shall bow down to him until you achieve perfect harmony through leisurevisions :icon_evil:
Well, Leisure (or you, since you're either his multi or clone) is wrong, Donnie will not sign an extension with the Chargers

P.S. "Movimiento Territorial Liberación" makes no sense, it means "Liberation Territorial Movement"
I would like for the chargers to lock up for depth sake and even for the future are these guys:
Michael Turner (No brainer)
Andrew Pinnock (as depth)
Ryon Bingham (as depth and future starter)
Cory Lekkerkerker (as depth) I like his name:icon_mrgreen:
Stephen Cooper (future starter)
Matt Wilhelm (future starter)
Shane Olivea (depth and future starter)
Kris Deilman (starter)
Ryan Krause (as depth)

All those names are cog pieces to the machine to give the Chargers a nucleus to build with for our future and I know that they are not the LT, the Merriman or the (Rivers my biased opinion:icon_biggrin: ) types but are just as important to give us the only thing that is important the Lombardi Trophy.

Look at the Nick Hardwicks extension deal his was simular as to the new Quentin Jammer extension deal is. Very important Cogs in the machine that is the San Diego Chargers Super Bowl bid is for.

Believe what AJ Smith is doing what is right for the San Diego Chargers. He has helped us get out of our playoff hiatus and the next goal is farther within the Playoffs then to the Super Bowl.