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"leisure Las Vegas" week FOUR


Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016
leisure said:
We also have an announcement...LLV has unanimously decided to give ACE ACE the boot!! That POS is history although it was fun watching him melt a RX server :lol:
Ace Ace truly is a POS. I mean jesus why did everyone like him so much he fuggin SUCKS he's one of the worst cappers I have seen in my life :icon_shrug: He uses some sort of spreadsheet to make his picks that is completely faulty and doesn't even do research or pay attention to injuries or anything... what a joke.


Well-Known Member
It would be helpful if you posted the opening lines for the big college games, and all of the NFL games.

That would increase participation in this thread (IMO).


Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016
leisure said:
Well obviously Ace Ace had a few monster weeks in the past thus his HUGE following....that said dude got ROASTED last week!

Amazing game last night.....it defied all logic but I am happy NO won!

A special shoot-out to DOG whose miraculous last second wild bet on the Saints CASHED!!!! :icon_banana:
L it didn't defy any logic we both wanted NO and the under we just didn't have the nuts. Dog plays an aggressive style we play martyball.

BTW this is two weeks in a row ACE has gotten roasted and three weeks in a row he has blown his 2k picks.


Well-Known Member
Chispa said:
Thus far, I have...

OREGON to Win -1.5

SAN DIEGO to Win -2.5
KANSAS CITY to Win -7(-110)
PHILADELPHIA to Win -10.5(-110)

I know the KC bet is iffy - but lemme justify it: KC has a decent defense playing against better teams than SF. Gore is injured [ribs or abdomen or knee - or some combination thereof, depending on who's being quoted] and even if he does play - Nolan has said he will see less time on the field this week. So all the KC D has to do is rattle Smith and cover Bryant and they've pretty much won the game. Green is still out [thank God not literally]

for KC, but his injury has apparently had the same motivating effect on the KC team [and fans] that the Foley shooting had for the Chargers. SF has the third worst D in the NFL. KC should score some points.

Nice attempt to sneak in a beefcake shot in a betting thread, Chispy. You’re busted! :icon_mrgreen:

I‘m liking Carolina at home over the Saints, even laying the 7.5. It’s not one of my locks, but it’s pretty close to one.



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Has the Va. Tech vs. Ga. Tech line moved since the news that Frank Beamer (HC of Va Tech) suspended two of his starting players for Saturday's game?


Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016
WonderSlug said:
Has the Va. Tech vs. Ga. Tech line moved since the news that Frank Beamer (HC of Va Tech) suspended two of his starting players for Saturday's game?
Nope and the cash flow is pushing it towards 9.5 and by gametime it will be at least 10 most likely. I am waiting on this one. Virginia Tech's offense is horrible and VTech's pts scored per game is where it is because of defensive touchdowns and turnovers, setting the offense up with amazing field position.