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***Junior Seau Tribute Thread***


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
Thought that we should start this thread to pay tribute to Mr. Charger, Junior Seau. Post your thoughts, comments, favorite Seau moments, photos, and stuff here.

From WikiPedia


Tiaina Seau, Jr. (born January 19, 1969 in San Diego, California), known as Junior Seau, is a former American Samoan NFL linebacker who played 16 seasons for the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins.

High School Career
A two-position star at Oceanside High School, he met then-San Diego Chargers quarterback Dan Fouts at a promotion, who advised him to become a linebacker instead of a tight end.

College Career
Seau was an All-American at the University of Southern California and was the college teammate of Todd Marinovich and Rodney Peete, and was taken in the first round of the 1990 NFL draft by Bobby Beathard's Chargers.

Professional Career
Seau quickly became one of the most popular players on the team, receiving the nickname "Tasmanian Devil". His well-known "Lightning Bolt" dance (after the Chargers' logo) was particularly disliked by opposing teams, but well-liked by fans. He played in 12 Pro Bowls with the Chargers, and missed only two games in his first seven years of play. In every season with the team, he was the leading tackler. In 1991, he created the Seau Foundation, which raises money for drug awareness, child abuse prevention, and college scholarships. Seau also owns a clothing line, Say-Ow, as well as Seau's Restaurant in Mission Valley, San Diego. In 1994, Seau assisted his team to a championship appearence in Super Bowl XXIX.

In April of 2003 he was acquired via trade by the Miami Dolphins, where he had another strong season. But a torn pectoral muscle in 2004 ended his season prematurely and in 2005 he hurt his ankle to end his season.

On March 6, 2006, Seau was released from the Dolphins to clear cap room. As of July 10, Seau has not signed a contract with an NFL team. The 12-time Pro Bowl linebacker will announce his retirement on August 14, 2006. He finished his 16-year career with 1,239 solo tackles, 52 sacks, 15 interceptions, 210 interception return yards, 12 forced fumbles, 17 fumble recoveries, 67 retrun yards, and 1 touchdown.



Carpe Diem et omni Mundio
Staff member
Super Moderator
for alot of us younger fans who weren't around for the Fouts era but were born in the decade of Decline, Junior Seau was the real face of the Chargers. He was this incredible ball of fire that whalloped anything and everything in site but was also a big pillar of the community (i know he did more then his fair share of stupid things, not to gloss over them, but I think he also did a world of good for Charger football and the commnuity). Between the AJ Smith era and the 94 Super Bowl he was the one and only consistent positive on the team anad I can't forget him. Thanks for everything Junior! :rockout: :lama :tup:


Well-Known Member
Seau was the linebacker that made other teams have fits. They could not gameplan the guy because most of the time even Junior didnt know what he was gonna do on the next play. He redefined what a good linebacker is. Before Junior, you had to be a big run stuffing pass-rusher. After, teams changed to wanting speedy LB's who could rush, hit, cover and everything else in between. He was an outstanding player and whats more important is he is an outstanding guy. No player has done what he has done for San Diego. The guy deserves a statue outside of City Hall. He will be retired as a Charger. He will have his number hung next to Fouts and Alworth. He will be a first ballot Hall of Famer. And maybe his bust will have a chat with Madden's. Of course that whole Busts talking to each other thing is kinda freaky.


Well-Known Member
The way Seau conducted his affairs off the field is an embarassment. :yes:

I have zero respect for Junior Seau as a man.

As a player, he was our greatest linebacker granted but it does not mitigate what he tried to pull over the fans eyes with lies. :icon_evil:
He made OC's game plan for him and was the heart and soul of the defense for many years.

Thanks for the memories Junior.


Well-Known Member
All I know is he is onea the greatest Linebackers of all time; right up there with Butkis and Nietchski (sp) and Singletary and Nobis and LT.

God speed, Bro!!:)


Carpe Diem et omni Mundio
Staff member
Super Moderator
This is an odd retirement speech
I mean he speaks in the same way he plays, all intensity
Dude, try decaf on a speech like this and mellow out

I'm wondering when Kaplan's going to jump up and scream AMEN