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Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern 2016
Jun 27, 2006
Look at my baby boy all grown up

Q: Whether being in the NFL has been what he expected
A: “It’s hard to say at this point because I haven’t really gotten out there in a game situation with the crowd screaming and actually wearing that game jersey. But the appreciation of the game is definitely there for me.”

Q: Whether the intensity of practices is like college
A: “It’s like it was in Texas. In Texas we had a drill sergeant for a coach, so it’s not too much of a difference from where I was to here.”

Q: On whether he is better prepared than other rookies coming in
A: “I definitely feel prepared coming from Texas. A lot is expected. They always say the eyes of Texas are upon you and it’s definitely a high-intensity type of ball club.”

Q: On his most difficult adjustment
A: “Learning a new offense - by far. Starting all over like a freshman. You have to start the learning process over.”

Q: On how it has been working with veterans
A: “Mostly I’m just kind of sensing everybody’s personality right now. It’s still a transition. I don’t think the transition will probably end until that first game when the real season begins.”

Q: On what it is like having Fred Matua as a teammate after opposing him in the National Championship game
A: “It’s cool. We’re roommates so, I might joke here and there but it’s all good. We’re trying to get to a common goal so you just kind of leave it behind. But every once in awhile you relax and you kind of pump up your chest a little bit and all that.”

Q: On whether having played with Vince Young gives him an advantage
A: “Moving at a fast pace, definitely. He can be anywhere on the field. He may need that block down the field, so he definitely keeps your motor running when you’re transitioning from college to the NFL.”

Q: On the most important thing he’s learned from Coach Beightol so far
A: “Focus on the little things. Fundamentals. It’s definitely something that’s carried over from college because my college coach was exactly like that. He would be more concerned about making sure your feet and your toes are pointed in a certain direction than trying to body slam somebody. So we definitely focus on technique.”

Q: On what he thinks his role will be heading into the season
A: “Learn the offense, be a motivator for the offensive line. Once I get out there and I feel the game speed, I’m out there getting the crowd into it, getting the line into it. I mean I’m all over the place. So, when that time comes, you’ll definitely see that out of me. But right now, you have to play the more humble road and learn, look and listen.”

Q: Whether he considers himself a vocal leader
A: “Oh, yeah, definitely.”

Q: On Head Coach Rod Marinelli
A: “He’s a disciplinarian. He’s trying to turn things around. He’s not trying to build a process, he’s trying to get to the pinnacle of everyone’s ultimate goal and I can respect that because you only can be a champion for one year.”

Q: Whether he embodies what Marinelli is looking for
A: “Definitely. [I do] a lot of things people can’t see. I do a lot of work off the field trying to get prepared for the game. I think he appreciates that and knows that, in due time, it will carry onto the field.”

Q: On how he feels going into training camp
A: “I’m just kind of interested. It’s something new. Growing up, being able to ponder on: what is this new experience? It’s kind of like Christmas. Like, ‘Ooh, what’s in that box with that ribbon on it.’ So it’s greatly anticipated, and I’m looking forward to it. Hitting it full speed; even better.”

BELIEVE :icon_bow: