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Is Jammer a bust?

Is Jammer a bust?

  • No - He's going to be one of the better corners in the league

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The guys refuses to work on his coverage skills and can't read QB's. He may have made the play at the end, but I still think that he's a bust. :evil:
Damn I need to change my sig. I am a big supporter of him as long as he's here. Our secondary is depleted and Jammer's the old one to stay healthy.

But he has not show any improvement this year. I agree with everyone's take on his play but I hope that he can turn things around in the second half of the season.
Not a bust. But not a cover guy either.

"Q" is a rarity in the NFL, he's a physical DB, meaning he will help your run defense more than your pass defense.

If your going to change you sig, then change it to this....

But dont give up on the guy.
Don't think it will happen

Does anyone know when his contract runs out? The Chargers will be in a tough situation when it does because he'll probably get some big offers. He's big, strong, fast and has game experience. His problem is that he was drafted so high, there were so many expectations put on him that he has failed to live up to so far.

Before this season started, there was an article talking about how hard he was working on locating the ball. But there still hasn't been improvement on that and it's doubtful there ever will be. One of the big knocks on him coming out of UT was finding the ball in the air. His other problem is pass interference, which still continues to this day. Jammer hasn't figured out the nuances of the position and my best guess is he doesn't have natural instincts for corner. He has all kinds of physical talents but he just doesn't have the feel.

His best position would be Strong Safety but the Chargers will probably never put him there. Not unless they find another stud corner next year. Jammer runs too fast and teams will be always be too enticed to keep him at corner. I personally like him but don't see him living up to the "potential" everyone is hoping for.

Daniel, in your last post. You said he doesn't have the "FEEL" for CB in the NFL?

#1 Since it seems you want to criticize Jammer, then please use your on field expertise in explaining "FEEL"?

#2 Jammer may get PI, but he helps shut down the other teams best guy. Look at his stats against some of the NFL's top recievers. You will be surprised.

#3 He is never going to be Deion Sanders, there is a very big difference between a cover corner, and a smash mouth corner.

#4 I'd like to see more fans appreciate what that guy has done here in SD, I mean look at how the fans wanted Drew Bress gone after a dissapointing season. Jammer is an All-Pro waiting to happen, Chargers trade him and you'll see. He is very important to the chemistry of this program. DO NOT LET HIM GO!! With the young secondary he helps these guys play more physical and without the fear in their hearts.

Check out this game saving play here>>>

BTW> Isn't Coles their best reciever? Nuff said.
BengalFan, have you been watching Jammer the last couple of years? He hasn't gotten any better. The Chargers drafted him as the best shutdown corner coming out of college. Teams draft corners to cover WR's not to play only smash mouth physical football.

Jammer can tackle, but he has 5 picks in 4 years. 4 of those coming in 2003! Because of his refusal to change his play style, he has built a reputation of drawing PI calls from NFL refs.

Look, I want him to suceed in this league, but your defense of him is weak. He is not always defending the WR's. He is not an All-Pro waiting to happen.

Jammer may not be a Deion Sanders and people are not expecting him to be. But he needs to stop grabbing on to receivers every single time the ball's thrown in his direction. I know that he can play good man to man if he works on it. But right now, he is not reacting to the ball and is just simple making a play on the receiver.

Jammer will be here next year because he is still under contract and he will most likely be playing CB again. But if he doesn't improve after next year, he will be gone and I don't have a problem with that.

Florence is out best cover corner and we can pickup another CB through free agency or the draft.
I think we all want Jammer to succeed. He plays hard and physical, is a team player, and doesn't cause trouble. Like I said, he was drafted so high and the expectations for him were also high. Maybe that's not his fault but when it comes time for a new contract, I think it'll be hard for the Chargers to justify giving him big bucks again.

If the Chargers draft or acquire another cb this offseason, we'll know what their long-range plans are for him.