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Is Ex-charger Fran Foley A Liar ?


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When word broke earlier this week of a longstanding misrepresentation in the bio of Vikings director of player personnel Fran Foley, a league source pointed out to us that there likely was another flaw regarding the characterization of his early-career coaching credentials.

Foley's resume states that he was the defensive line coach at Colgate in 1984, the defensive ends coach at the Citadel in 1985, and the tight ends/specialists coach at Rutgers in 1986. Our source explained to us that this information subtly overstates these positions by failing to omit that young coaches typically begin as "graduate assistants," which is a fancy-schmancy title for "kid who gets coffee for the real position coach."

Per Albert Breer of the Metro West Daily News, our source apparently is right on the money. Framingham State athletic director Tom Kelley told Breer that Foley was a "grad assistant" at Colgate.

Is this a big deal? We sure think so. Lying is lying, regardless of whether it's blatant -- or whether it comes in the form of fuzzy details that are spun in a favorable light while still maintaining for the author a sense of plausible deniability.

On further review of Foley's bio, we've found even more evidence of unfair puffery. Consider this statement regarding Foley's time with the Jaguars: "There were 5 players drafted while Foley was on staff that were honored as Pro Bowlers, highlighted by T Tony Boselli and current DTs Marcus Stroud and John Henderson."

The problem, of course, is that Foley had no responsibility for college scouting while in Jacksonville. Instead, he was the Assistant Director of Pro Personnel and the Director of Pro Scouting. In NFL parlance, these titles means that Foley's responsibility was the assessment of guys who are already out of college and into the professional game.

In other words, Foley had no more role in drafting those players than the guy who plucks the beer bottles out of the toilets after home games.

Foley's resume similarly claims credit for draft decisions in San Diego -- even though he was merely the director of pro scouting there, too.

That's why experienced football people regard this issue as somewhat troubling. As one league source asked us on Wednesday, "What in Fran Foley's bio gives him the experience to run a NFL personnel department?"

In all fairness, it's not unprecedented for a guy with experience primarily in college scouting or pro scouting to win a promotion to the top personnel job, but it usually happens for guys who have been associated on a consistent basis with playoff teams. In Foley's case, he got the Minnesota job after three seasons with a franchise that went to the playoffs once during his tenure, losing in the first round.

Of course, Foley's bio doesn't mention that fact.


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eldwin said:
Wasn't there a coach who was forced to resign after a flat out lie was found on his resume?

It's kind of funny if you think about it. You know sports writers and geeks are going to be digging into your past so why put BS on your resume?
Yeah there was a coach...Notre Dame I think.

It seem foolish to falsify or embellish accomplishments especially when not only the microscope is out but the proctoscope is out as well as well before millions are paid to any foo.