Inside 9-11

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Aug 23, 2005
Hey, did any of you guys see that Inside 9-11 thing on the National Geographic Channel? Me and my wife sat down to watch this show and it was just amazing... with that in mind, and since most of us our in San Diego, I figure I will start a new thread... In this thread, I want you to do me a favor and post where you were on Sept. 11th 2001. When doing so, answer me these few questions...

Where were you when you heard and what was going on?

What was your first emotion to everything?

What did you do for the rest of the day?

What's your worst memory of everything?

And, just tell us what the overall experience has done for you and your life...

Here's my story

Where were you when you heard and what was going on? Sept. 11th began for me about 12 hours before it did on the East Coast. I began the day in Iwakuni Japan. I took a van to the train station, a train to the bullet train, a bullet train to the other train, and a train to the airport. Then, naturally, boarded an aircraft and flew to the US attempting to land at LAX. Being a Marine, when you travel you are required to carry your ID and your orders because if you are on Active Duty with orders, they are a suplement to a passport. So, when we landed in San Fran, I knew something was odd... The Pilot said "due to operational commitment" is why we were in San Fran instead of LAX... Only thing I knew at that time was... Damn, now I have to find a way to Yuma on my own... This will be interesting...
When we exited the aircraft, there was an armed security guard checking passports, when I got there, I flashed my ID and I'll never forget what he said...
"Are you in the Military, Sir?"
"Yes," I said.
He motioned for me to follow him into the corner. I figured he wanted to see my orders, but I went with him... neither of us saying a word...
"The Pentagon has been bombed..." that's all he said...
"They got the World Trade Center too..."
I was a little caught off guard because for the past 7 months all I wanted was to be in the US and this wasn't what I expected for a homecoming...
"Do they know who did it?" I asked him
"That's all I know..." He said... So I said thanks, and went off to find a phone to get ahold of my command...

What was your first emotion to everything? Anger, just plain anger. I was pissed... No one does that to my country...

What did you do for the rest of the day? Because of the events, we were locked down in the airport. For me, I was unlucky because I was caught inside the airport... I went looking for a phone that had a DSN connection. A DSN connection by the way is a military phone connection that doesn't cost anything for the individual... It's setup to let military people all over the world call eachother without dealing with the commercial lines... Anyway, I found an unsecure DSN line in the USO, so I tried to call my command. I got ahold of a Staff Sgt and told him what was going on, he told me he'd get back to me with orders on what to do next... When I got off the phone, I grabbed my bag, went to leave the USO and was stopped by a security officer... He said that we weren't to leave the USO by order of the President of the United States... This is about when it really started to hit that this was all happening... So, I sat with the other few guys in the Military... 5 of us. Me, a Marine, 2 Sailors, and one of each an Airman and a Soldier. Between the five of us, we sat and swapped military stories and things that were going on while we watched the news... It was really odd being with 4 other guys that I didn't know, all of us looking down the barrell of a gun, no knowing when we were going to war, if we were...

Here's the fun part... We were watching the local news when a film of the 3rd to last aircraft to land in the nation, which happened to be the last aircraft landing in San Fran... They said that the aircraft was followed by F-16s... The same aircraft that were still circling the airport and patrolling the city... They said that the aircraft had been locked onto by these 16s and that if the aircraft deviated at all from it's flight path, they had orders to shoot it down... Meaning, if the Pilot had messed up at all, they were going to blow it out of the sky...
The aircraft was mine. They gave the flight number and where it came from... I don't remember them now, but that was definately my aircraft. I saw the F-16s later in the day, and being from the Marine Corps air wing I was able to look up at the slow flying jets and see all the Air to Air ordanance they were carrying... Let's just say I'm glad we had a good pilot...

What's your worst memory of everything? I guess finding out that we were locked up was pretty bad, but the fact that we were in that USO for 3 days before they let us out again was kinda sucky too...

And, just tell us what the overall experience has done for you and your life... I joined the Marine Corps in 1999... I knew what it was like before Sept. 11th 2001... The difference on how people treated you as a Marine... You were looked at as an idiot, what are you doing wasting your life in the military... Then, they looked at you, each and every military member, as a hero. People began thanking us everywhere we go... And they still do... If you tell someone that you are a Vet, they say thanks... You tell them you were in during Sept 11 they really say thanks and want to know everything about you... It was really neat when me and my wife would go somewhere, both of us Active Duty... Places started donating things just to the Military... Operation Homefront started... I never wanted a thank you from anyone, but it was sure nice to hear it after what people said before that...


Aug 17, 2005
BasPilot said:
Where were you when you heard and what was going on?
At work when it happened; basically there was a report on the local radio station of a plane hitting the WTC. I was thinking it was just a small Cessna until the second one was reported to have hit the other tower ...
What was your first emotion to everything?
This is a bad joke, dream, or something. It was too unreal for something like that to happen.
What did you do for the rest of the day?
My wretched boss continued to make us work. There was a TV set up in the lobby for the reports, which we were allowed a little bit of time to check out. That boss was sacked a over a year ago! :)
What's your worst memory of everything?
Seeing the towers collapsing and hearing the reaction of the reporters and people on TV. I never saw any of the images/video of people jumping from the towers, thank goodness. An ugly day.