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I miss SnappySammy!

Ok, maybe I'm the only one, and god knows he's given me enough grief, but somewhere along the line I found there was a good guy in there. I guess he's off to Pluto, but maybe he'll return one day. Possibly just to give me more grief, but maybe, just maybe to show everyone that he's a good guy. :icon_huh:


Well-Known Member
I must admit I sometimes miss the Samster.

He and I had some fairly interesting banter at times.

Wonder what the Sexiest Man Alive on Pluto(SMAP) is up to now....


Well-Known Member
carrie1219 said:
I don't know if I "miss" him.... Interesting character though....He's even got me curious about RP... :icon_eek:
Funny how the RP posts seem to go on and on.
Even though the instigator doesnt post here anymore.:icon_mrgreen:
Concudan said:
The guy was hard to figure out. Almost like he was a split personality and all.
Yeah, he could be a total *** sometimes, but you could see there was a good guy in there too. Then he just disappeared. Hope he's ok.
Well, look what I found.....am now Living in Shanghai......Thanks for the Kind Words.....they call soccer football....The sports scene in China sucks.....However the food is good and the ladies love Snappy......THEY LIKE MY FACE......