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I have an idea on a banner for this site.

Can anyone make a animation banner.

The idea for this is to have a picture of the SD stadium in the middle and during the night and lighting bolts striking it from the sky and on the right of the banner a picture of LT and on the Left a picture of Gates. Then Bolt Talk pops up and bolts hit that with the fraise you use. What do you guys think.

Can it be done?


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
skiman said:
ChargerRay said:
It can be done. But it should be a flash intro not so much a banner.
I mean for your homepage. And replace the one you have.
Yeah thats what I mean too. We could go with an animated .gif banner. That would be cool. 8)
I can do the slides, but someone else needs to frame them together, I just don't have that software, but if someone wants to work with me on it, I'll do it some time next weekend!!


FU Spanos and Dundon
Staff member
If anything is done, it ha to be done on a specific template and size. Let me know if anyone is interested in helping with a new banner. :D
I don't have flash, but that's the only thing I'd use for a banner/intro. I would NOT use a .gif file as a banner, I've seen it done...not pretty.

But if you have anyone that has Flash, I'd ask them

my $.02